Last week was a lot so it'll take a few posts to share updates. On Monday and Tuesday we prepped the roof (whilst at times retreating and getting soaked due to thunderstorms) and Thursday we installed half the roof! Roofing is more technical than anything I've don't yet and the most high stakes. It was quite physically taxing. I think we did a decent job though. Getting the chimney installed took some troubleshooting but it worked, and now I have a funny orange silicone chimney boot on my roof.


Chimneys through the roof create a lot of problems. That's how I did mine at first too. I see you opted to double wall the stove pipe, which is a good idea, without it the boot would melt because its too close to the heat source in a tiny house. I ended up patching my roof hole and just putting an elbow on the stove pipe to go out the side of the house. This is really the best way to do it. It still has issues, especially because its a small stove so airflow is difficult, but it works if you know how to get it going. I hope you don't run into the issues I did keeping the chimney sealed on the roof. I spend many storm soaked nights pulling my hair out about leaks. Its not too late to change it, but you definitely should test fire the stove before winter to make sure its not going to overheat the silicon.

@0x520 that's something I considered but with the placement of my wod stove it can't be out the side because the building would exceed the legal road width. I got the extra high heat resistant boot, and insulated stove pipe so hopefully that's enough! I should know if it's leaking well before the stove gets installed too. The person who helped me install it has installed many roof chimney systems and wasn't concerned

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