Pride moodboard no download (and no image descriptions sorry) 

I don’t save a lot of memes but

Obsessed with my new phone Lock Screen (photo description: my two adorable cats- River has her tongue out, licking her nose, and Rosie behind her is using a fuzzy cactus as a pillow)

Giveaway! 365 affirmation calendar for revolutionary proletarian militants 

Getting rid of stuff and I’d like to give this affirmation calendar away. If you want this lmk! By Stephanie McMillan

Selfie with food, ec 

A selfie that I took with the aforementioned pesto pasta

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Coming back to therapy from holiday break meme 

Memed version of my cup check from earlier (collection of old water glasses in my room). Text reads “Things I’ve been saving up to talk to my therapist about in the last two weeks:” each of the cups is labeled “Christmas” “New Years” “the days between before and after Christmas and New Years” and “etc.”

Inspired by my giddy realisation that I have therapy this week after her two weeks off!

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Cup check // reminder to hydrate

ID: 5 water glasses sit on my headboard, among my other clutter

Meme from cloutcreator on Instagram in case u were wondering what the influencers are saying about us lol. Not sure how to describe the image but it’s cursed and text reads “only ugly bitches on mastodon / let me get at some bad bitches on Xenga”

~ caution cute cats ⚠️ ~ 

an intro post for my cats

Here they are on my bed; Rosie is on the left and River is on the right. they are wives. we adopted them as a bonded pair and they love each other very much.
Rosie sleeps on my head and she is a shy snuggly sweetheart. River is also super snuggly but in contrast she’s very talkative and is the Queen Bee of the house and likes to be spanked. They’re both so perfect and silly and soft 💕

Posting a current selfie of my new tattoo to practice writing image descriptions/ alt text!

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