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Prolly should’ve joined a queer instance bc all I want to toot about is my girlfriend

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Not sure yet what I'll be posting on here but here's an -
I'm sara or SK, I'm 25, I have 2 cats and a bunch of houseplants. Currently living in Chicago, IL but planning on moving to Maine soon to start the forest garden of my dreams. I followed @makegodgayagain over here from instagram and I'm excited to spend time on a non-zucced platform with y'all.

Who decided to call if polyamory and not RomCom (romantic communism)

Apparently 250 Seattle cops have quit in the past 17 months. Keep bullying cops y'all :acab:

Japanese knotweed leaves!
This is dyed with japanese knotweed leaves. The more mutes colours are just the straight leaves, but the orange and pink tones are modified with washing soda.
I'm so excited with how the modified cotton turned out! This beautiful soft pink blush colour.

Suddenly I have a much more urgent interest in learning about wells and septic tanks etc.
Like could we add on a bathroom before the winter 😬

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After 2 months of living in my family’s old farmhouse, my gf and I decided we don’t want to live with my new cousin
so we’re looking at living in the other structure available on the property: my grandmas little house that has no plumbing - just a nearby outhouse.

if I were the USA, I would simply not jail and steal the labor of such a large percentage of my population before calling other countries unfree

Do yourself a favor and watch this video about the history of left-wing politics contextualized with the influence from north american native people, made by a native youtuber:

Part of the reason I explore uses for invasive plants is because it helps keep me from falling into despair at the seemingly impossible amount of work ahead.
Invasive plants are so prolific. There are areas so completely covered with ivy, almost nothing else grows. And it just keeps spreading.
At times all of this work feels rather futile.
Its especially true because I know there's no end point for this project. There will almost certainly never be a state where all of the invasives are gone and we don't ever have to worry about them again. If I stopped all of my work would be undone in just a few years and the areas I haven't worked on will continue to spread.
Exploring ways to use invasive plants allows me to feel not only anger, sadness and exhaustion of seeing invasive plants but also the joy and gifts they offer. And somehow that seems to keep me going.

@j "damn bitch you live like this?" But the room is completely clean and normal looking

There's people out there who are neither gay nor mentally ill and i simply cannot fathom it

Gonna become the type of 50 year old that shows you videos of her cats for hours on her phone without letting you politely opt out of seeing the same cat 80 times

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