hi, excited to be . she/they, uninvited on Lenape land.

here to hopefully connect w local comrades for organizing and supporting (plz say hi if this is you and you also wanna connect:)) shitposting all memes anarchy, anti state and anti capitalism. learning about mutual aid and community defense. talking about mental health, maybe including experiences w my bpd mom.

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@softslug Wow we prob live in the same general area. Lenape land. I, ummm, am really not connected with the anarchist scene here yet as I just realized a few months ago that I identify with anarchism. Like I’ve gone to an anarchist skill share thing in SW Philly once and lots of protests, but really want to get involved more than that. I know how to sniff out the scene here and some places to go, like A-space, etc just am intimidated by it all a little. Plus Covid goin around I don’t do much.


@Nzipunksfckoff ty for saying hi:) ah I should maybe clarify and say Lenape-Canarsee bc Lenape territory is so big? I would also like to be more connected locally. I attended a few anarchist events around 2016/17 and same wrt the intimidation at times. I also think I shamed myself out of getting further into anarchist community bc I was steeped in the liberal echochamber that was grad school. rly excited to connect w folks here w.o the censorship and shame.


@softslug So you’re in totally different area than me and I just embarrassed myself. Fortunately the only neoliberal circle I have to encounter often is at the place I go to for my survival tickets, which slowly and hopefully will organize. Anywho, glad I got on here and found this instance. I am getting off fashbook albeit slowly, but fully ny the time Biden has his inauguration and potential for repression happens. This place is awesome and I too hope to make some connections!


@Nzipunksfckoff cheers to making anarchist friends and learning together in community. and beating fascism too ofc;)

@softslug heya! I'm living on Lenni Lenape land too! Interested in all the stuff you mentioned as well... Would be cool to share info or resources!

@Kevlar would love to be pals and share/learn w together! ty for your hi

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