Gun control is white supremacist and counterrevolutionary. The first gun laws that were enacted in the United States were aimed at restricting former slaves from owning firearms. Gun control serves the state and leaves us at the mercy of the police for protection, and weakens our ability to defend our communities from fascists. To preserve anarchy, you gotta be able to defend it. Get armed, train and learn your firearm, learn medical skills to save lives, take a Stop the Bleed course.

If Abbott was worker owned, there would be no baby formula shortage.

Solidarity to all my comrades, this . Use this day to remember all who fell in the struggle for revolution and liberation, and to fight like hell for the future. Even if you aren't in a huge march, spray some shit up, distribute literature, talk anarchy with your friends and family, tell the history of this day.

Most importantly however, have fun, because capitalists and their government henchmen hate it when we have fun. Revolution on the first of May, and everyday.

the eternal anarchist struggle of resisting getting more books to add to your stack of unread books

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