Comrade Amy just reported that Biden's Border administration has arrested over 2 million at the border this year (2022) which is the highest rate of arrest in US history- already surpassing 2021's 1.8 million arrests.

Good morning, let's grab that coffee and replace monarchies with songs, nations with trees, and the state with sleep.

Dream to day, kill the king in your head, so that you have the belief in autonomy to make a material reality and destroy the boundaries of imagination.

In this talk, Elle focuses on two recent prosecutions of notorious 2020 American vigilantes: Kyle Rittenhouse's trial for fatally shooting Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum and non-fatal shooting of Gaige Grosskreutz at the Jacob Blake protests in Kenosha, WI; and the trial of the McMichaels and William Bryan for the pursuit and murder of Ahmaud Arbery around Brunswick, GA.

This week in Dems say fund the police and Repubs say defund.

Anarchists have always said abolish.

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Greek state is murdering Giannis Michailidis. He is on hunger strike demanding the freedom he should legally get after 8 years in prison #Michailidis_Hungerstrike #antireport

Today, Lamia court has refused Michailidis request for release.

What could make a difference and maybe change the game, is an unexpected amount of international outcry and protest.

Do what you can, where you are -especially if the worst happens.
Ideally (if you can do it with minimal and calculated risk) "protest" Greek embassies as ferociously as possible, or alternatively any Greek capital interests.

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CASANOVA – Run The Town
'Run The Town'
• Youtube:
• Soundcloud:

Release date: 4 June 2020


You ain't tough, you a motherfuckin' buster
Say somethin' then I motherfuckin' touch ya'
You ain't tough, you a motherfuckin' buster
Say somethin' then I mot

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Burn everything.

Not that anyone should have faith in the courts or liberals, it's precisely why solidarity means attack.

Not just words to let out, manifest and make visible what it means to be the subjects to the rule of law of your body, revolt.

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Dear what are some of your favorite ways to engage people in your neighborhood. How do you build the place you live in?

For me it's sharing internet with my neighbors, building an alternative sharing economy of goods and services. Gifting and receiving a smile, treating people with respect and dignity, calling people "friend" at every opportunity.

In my past it was looting from big stores and redistributing food to unhoused neighbors.

Y tú?

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