@shrugdealer evergreen concept applicable to all goods and services imo

@shrugdealer i agree with the feeling, especially against hoarding, but in reality... since when housing became a human right?

do we really have 8bi houses? can we really accommodate everyone just like that?

landing, on the other hand, i can see much better reasoning in favour.

@shrugdealer love this! Little hamham speaking up! Curious, Did you edit or make the image manually, or did you modify game code to generate this? Or something else?

@shrugdealer All good! Hopefully someone else might know a source or edit-ability :blobcat: thanks for sharing it regardless!

@shrugdealer @masstransitkrow I know in Detroit we have more vaccant homes than we do homeless people. Most are owned by the County government due to "back taxes due" only government could be so stupid.

@monsoonrains I personally believe that at the very, bare minimum, humans should be guaranteed shelter, food/water and safety.

@shrugdealer Isn't that exactly what happened in the 2008 economic crash, and also in 2020, or am I mistaken?

@shrugdealer What do you think all those homeless people think about the this "right" to housing you speak of. Think they should get together and file a class action suit against federal municipalities. It's interesting that they have not thought to do so in all of these years. Never too late to learn something new.
@shrugdealer Squatting is not necessarily trespassing. Trespassing is a criminal offense, while squatting is usually a civil matter. However, once a landowner has established that the squatter is unwelcome, it can be treated like a criminal offense. ---property rights.
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