@shrugdealer They don't want to see us live together. All they want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting.

- Bob Marley - Top Rankin'

@shrugdealer the only dangerous minority is the "influencers" and narcissists on social medias lol

@shrugdealer ah yes, the rich. Itโ€™s nice we can divide everyone into two even categories of oppressor and oppressed. How much wealth is rich? Is everyone who makes six figures shitty? Is that too low? What if we bump it to 150k? 200k? Or do they have to make a million a year? What about people like Joe Rogan? .. easily a millionaire, but admits heโ€™s just an MMA commentator on the Internet. What about Alex Jones? Heโ€™s worth several million, but is also โ€œkinda retarded.โ€

The only way to fight the rich is to stop buying their stuff. Value should be generated for people who are worth it.

@djsumdog @shrugdealer itโ€™s not about money itโ€™s about control. The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. Between the two there can never be peace. Strife will continue until working class unite and take what is rightfully thereโ€™s
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