My favorite part of the American experience is seeing our flags and half-mast constantly and not being able to determine which tragedy they're lowered for.

Not a single cop in Uvalde or anywhere deserves a second of rest or happiness. They don't deserve safety or sound sleep. They don't deserve to enjoy the things they take away from people. From families. From children.

"Gun-related deaths now outpace motor vehicle deaths as the leading cause of childhood mortality," per the CDC.

WE. ARE. A. FAILURE. The United States has lost. We are a shining example of what a developed country and society should NOT be.

Zelenskyy expresses condolences to the families of the Uvalde shooting victims, hopes that the tragedy will not interfere with his next billion dollar infusion of US funds for weapons.

(He might be sincere, but that doesn't change how ridiculous this is. This. This whole thing. Life.)

Anarchist News: **An Atm machine of Intensa-San paolo bank destroyed**

"from Il Rovescio via Dark Nights May 11โ€“An ATM at the Intesa-San paolo bank branch on Via Rapisardi in Milan was smashed with a hammer. This action is aimed at targeting one of the many businessmen involved in the war in Ukraine. Intesa-San paolo, the leading banking group in โ€ฆ"

#anarchism #bot

There have been approximately twelve Molotov attacks on Russian military recruitment centres since the start of the war on Ukraine.

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