Technically any group of anarchists is an unlawful assembly

lmao even the financial times is leading their weekend magazine with a feature on the possibility of america tearing itself apart you love to see it

I mean, not quite yet, I'm still waiting for the light I need for the video to not look crap to arrive, but after that I guess we're doing this

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okay so I've finally finished the script for this goddamn video essay so uuuuuuh here we go lads time to chat shit about anti-civ for like 30 minutes straight

this video essay script on anti civ is currently sitting at about 17 minutes to read through and I haven't even written the sections on primitivism or eco-fascism rip in peace

I'm still really sad that the chaos star hasn't really taken off as an anarchist symbol in the anglosphere bc it rips and also bc I have it tattooed


might fuck about and start doing youtube video essays purely so I can rant about what anti-civ *actually* and try to dispel some of the shit people chat about it being eco-fascism bc of bad-faith engagement with it

Intense rioting going down in #Bogota 

After pigs murdered Javier Ordóñez. Peeps torched more that 50 cop shops

my enduring memory of David Graeber will forever be him nicking some coke off some of my friends in a basement at a student party a few years back

Rest in Power Michael Forest Reinoehl

The state has just assassinated a militant antifascist. Michael acted against fascist street terror and in defense of the people of and in defense of the struggle for liberation. There has been a disgusting amount of slander by those who want social peace (a return to normal). He acted courageously in the ongoing civil war and passed a martyr. We remember him and his revolutionary deeds. The state has taken so many.

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