when the pandemic is over and we've freed the planet from all forms of oppression, i'm thinking about setting up a world-neighborhoods championship of anarchist football.

Sometimes, people are motivated to lock down their social media after experiencing scary harassment, doxxing, or stalking. Use our teaching resources to compassionately guide people as they learn to protect themselves online. sec.eff.org/topics/locking-dow

My name is not important.
your Unique Ressource Location is.
What's yoURL?

When the evangelists sold Lucifer to satanic Christians over the internet with 1'500'000k subscribers more than that service blogger who was free despite uncertainty about where the file system for their own log was.

Wanna go clubbing with us this Friday? There'll be live artists and DJs animating and lots of funky guests! RSVP to get the secret location of our Glance Floor. Tell your Friends, your cats and kanagaroos! Free for all! No account or app required.


"stand up, no time to loose, the people of the world is having the blues, they tired of being ruled by the everlasting fools, it's time we get together on our own set of rules"

Step Up by reSet Sakrecoer
basspistol.com/tracks/psykedel #bpist

Do I know what it does to democracy?
How come we have to be registered?
How can this promote any liberty?
If all we do in it is monitored?

Grand'ma is a cyborg now

In the darkness, light thrives. The path to accomplishment may be crooked but there are plenty of perfect nights for a Samurai.

Samurai Perfect Night, by Holyhertz

basspistol.com/tracks/kick-n-b #bpist

i'm so proud of my SO.
she's using #Linux. at home and at org-work office. she's using nextcloud polls and jitsi to organize meetings. she's constructively (and passionately) complaining at her other job (school) why the hell are they forced to use M$ products.

and her emails are in plaintext.

(ok, i helped her to get into it and I provide some tech support here and there, of course)

"I can be who i want,
A really cool anarchist.
Have a lot of hair.
An intelectual from Zagreb.
Need to be heard?
You're going to digg it too.
The key is yours to take,
You're going to digg it too."

Thanks for providing us with a bench on this Darkweb, @kolektiva πŸ–€


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