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if u were at a strip club would u throw money at me during my dancy dance

I’m not going to list off my oppression rpg stats but it would be pretty fuckin lit if y’all could redirect some funds my way, I’m doing my best with my lil part time but these past few weeks have continued to run me ragged and I’ll have to relocate soon, again, or be homeless sooooo....*shucks and jives* *holds out empty can* *stares into your soul* :)

Venmo: @killbank5
Cashapp: $killbank5
paypal: @johnkill

The gender of the day is an ominous angel on a farm.

my head is so egg shaped it’s not even funny. also i got my hair this white (re: clouds and front) with only 2 bleach processes and NO toner!!!!!!! like da fuqq?!!?!

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ok it's an emergencyyyyy yeah now would be a great time lol ~ my cell service just got cut off! I'm behind on my payments, I just ran out of money for food until I get paid again at the end of the week. and I'm gonna out of work until I heal up from getting hit by a car. so I'm basically fucked. um. please help :/ fwiw, I'm a black nb neurodivergent person and my birthday is coming up on the 29th! around the time my lease will be up and I'll technically be homeless. literally anything helps

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what's the point of this lousy surveillance state if it doesn't save me hours of my life proving I'm not a robot?!

ngl i’m getting pregnant vibes from the universe. im like can you chill

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