when masks come off and men are telling me to smile in the streets again i’m deffo saying this

i don’t condone the fatphobia later in the vid, but the guy was def being a creep and his fat didn’t need to be mocked

also wtf i did not expect a femme to chastise the men catcalling the chick just to try and follow her home and comment on her appearance as well

dude. chick in the video walks through a group of men and a woman. the men all say something, the woman is like “bros chill” and then follows the chick to ask if she’s ok. starts following her. the chick is like lol ok i gotta go, the woman is like “i live right over here.” the chick keeps going to leave. woman: “you look good” chick: leaves woman: “tease” what the hell!!! wild shit. that’s never happened to me but like damn weird shit forreal

@senzubean these videos she made are great but also make me so sad

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