@senzubean Or it could simply be an acknowledgement of the shitty way people of color are treated and admitting that you do not want that same treatment.

I believe it is possible to acknowledge treatment of a group you do not belong to as wrong and trying to work to change that, without desiring to be given the same treatment.

But i agree it's probably just them being racist. but maybe not?

@imani def an interesting point as well. but then in the same sentence that basically means they would prefer to keep their priv than to discard it

@senzubean @imani ok defs correct me if I'm wrong here cuz im only trying to cross reference my understanding of racism, not tell you how it is but...

I think acknowledging white privilege is separate from whiteness. Like the act of acknowledgement is the first step toward anti-racism, and the breaking down of white supremacy... right? But I think this question here is actually impossible to be asked in our society, because it creates that paradox that you just highlighted

@itchystitchies @imani i feel like white priv is intrinsic to whiteness, what is one without the other?

@senzubean @imani yes exactly. I think the only way to ask that question is to ask it from the idea of whiteness never existed, not that it will stop existing starting tomorrow. Because otherwise the poor treatment vs privilege paradox will always stand... that is l, if this question is being asked on the basis of personal whiteness or global whitness. /2

@itchystitchies honestly i am thinking about yakub a lot now because of where this went. i feel like a main reason non white people are subordinated is because white people fear if the tables were turned, they would be fucked. the fact that more people are experiencing subordination would, in my opinion, have to lead to more of a push to change things

@senzubean @imani 2/2 Like if I could choose to end global whiteness tomorrow, then absolutely. If I were to end my personal whiteness tomorrow, then I would be ambivalent. Because on one hand I would absolutely give up my privilege, and if the question were about how I'd look or anything like that, I would have 0 issues. Its not that I want to change, its that I dont see my current state of being to have a greater value than any other

@itchystitchies true. and that;s how it should be tbh. but since it's not that way, i feel like choosing to still be white is just kind of evil since just the existence of whiteness is harmful. even if you never oppress anyone below you, the fact that you;re white will always be compared to anyone not white

@senzubean totally! And that's why I chose yes on the poll. But like. My brain is getting a little funny cuz I took some weed tincture so this whole conversation feels so much more complicated than it actually is lmfaooo

@itchystitchies but the catch is that we've only scratched the surface lmaoooooooo

@senzubean i know lolol. So like. Soon. but not while stoned stitch is present cuz they're an anxious mess and thats exhausting for both of us lmfao

@imani especially since you can be non white and still be pretty chill since there's colorism and the like

@senzubean i mean if they're discarding whiteness and resting on the laurels of colorism that still feels just at anti-black to me.

@imani right but who says they would? and if they did that's something that non black people still internalize, and it;s part of the experience of being black as well

@senzubean gonna start working on my x-men style machine to colorize all of the white people. Gonna call it "Dark and lovely"

@imani 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 this took me out

@senzubean omg if I dont stop thinking about this while im stoned I'm gonna have some tender queer white pity party about how I came off as racist to strangers on the internet and it won't even be true ill just be stoned and paranoid. Defs down to have similar conversations when I havent accidentally dosed myself tho 💖

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