ok here's my

i'm bean, you can also call me senzu. i'm non binary, 25 and pissed off about basically everything. i enjoy retro games, anime, looking at the clouds, skateboarding, writing, and being right. green anarchism, nice shit for everybody, and self actualization are what i'm about.

more stuff/labels 

adhd? polyam, trans, lesbian makes sense but so does bisexual so idk, furry????

more stuff/labels 

just gonna have to say sapphic feels the best

i made a mistake putting my exact age in this post tbh but also i guess math is a thing

also im over being right all the time though it still feels good i guess

@senzubean i too love clouds ... especially the big fat fluffy ones

@senzubean you do!
(also goddammit i hate autocorrect that actually changes the meaning of the sentence 😅)

@senzubean yessss following non binary black ppl where r the rest of us at tho​:blobcatjustright:​​:blobcatthumbsup:​ esp them water or air signs. Ok sags too. And caps

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