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ok here's my

i'm bean, you can also call me senzu. i'm non binary, 25 and pissed off about basically everything. i enjoy retro games, anime, looking at the clouds, skateboarding, writing, and being right. green anarchism, nice shit for everybody, and self actualization are what i'm about.

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when the song is shorter than 3 min you know it’s gonna slap

hi everyone i love mastodon i’m glad im here even tho i still gotta move smh lmao

When u have high self esteem but are also addicted to Online 😔 solidarity

but also i hate social media for like feeling bad when no one says anything 🙃 like ik i look good lol

it’s funny how when i break something it’s usually because i was twerking

@senzubean finally a relationship where I can talk about what I wanna talk about, be heard & understood :gatopensa:

me? im fucking walking paradox like sasquatch swagggin in a pair a docs. where im from either u banging blue or you afraid of cops. fiends asking where to cop, kids asking where they pops

smh now i have to update my dating apps to say i’m bald now so i can continue ignoring everyone unless i want to give them a complement

they’re longer than the hairs on my head except for my rat tail lmaooo

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i squeezed out too much hair moisturizer out of muscle memory so i put it on my pubes

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