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ok here's my

i'm bean, you can also call me senzu. i'm non binary, 25 and pissed off about basically everything. i enjoy retro games, anime, looking at the clouds, skateboarding, writing, and being right. green anarchism, nice shit for everybody, and self actualization are what i'm about.

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@bees Among Us RolePlay [Gone Sexual][Gone Violent]

i am sad please help
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i have taken a big shit and made a shit statue
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just used the notes function for the first time to write “skates regular” on half cab flips profile

we've never seen ennui levels like this

(06%) ■□□□□□□□□□

yo whites really be like “trap music is too violent” then heart eyes a literal war criminal

people think they're with it but then use the term "the blacks"

why italians always gotta say something. relax before i Do The Right Thing on your ass

Ok here's my thing: Blk users get ignored to a degree, then a ww makes a post and ppl use that whiteness as a way to be misogynistic. ok

An instance of Queer Blk/Ind users is being spoken to in a way that super rubs me the wrong way when theres 3 instances that have been notoriously antiblack/colorist but PoC Solidarity init

we need to get our priorities right in this space. selective concerns over antiblackness that are misplaced will not save us

guns, 💩, joe biden 

twitter doesn’t deserve me

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