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ok here's my

i'm bean, you can also call me senzu. i'm non binary, 25 and pissed off about basically everything. i enjoy retro games, anime, looking at the clouds, skateboarding, writing, and being right. green anarchism, nice shit for everybody, and self actualization are what i'm about.

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not trying to be swole lite anymore we’re on the way to swole 3D


sometimes im on stage dancing and i just wanna pee 💛


thinking about the poops that make your eyes roll back

you ever feel like you’ve been sitting on the toilet long enough to get a world record

eye contact, kinda loud noises, me being hot 

last night at the club sucked so bad but i was super cute

i miss you all, i’ve been suffering under capitalism but i am going to the gym again and i work at a vegan restaurant and im still stripping and i have a cat and idk dreams i guess

the Mishumaa Saba, or the 7 candles, are red, green, and black. The 3 red candles represent the struggle for freedom and self-determination. The 3 green represent our relationship to the earth, the harvest, and hope for the future. the one black candle represents Black people, as well as our creativity and energy.

the number 7 is extremely significant for Kwanzaa. there are 7 days, 7 principles, 7 symbols, and 7 letters in the word Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa was first celebrated in 1966 to cultivate self love, education, reflection in the Black community to reach self actualization and lasting social change. The civil rights struggles of the 60s as well as the Watts riots of 1965 largely inspired Kwanzaa.

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