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new tone boosted is an org to help black folks get into and succeed in tech. they're doing amazing work out there, and are currently in the middle of a fundraising campaign that you should def check out if you've got some free $$.

#melanin #tech #blm

To my coders: would you recommend a career in webdev if you have the aptitude for it, but not the passion? It seems like you should only do anything if it lights a fire in you, but bills do need to get paid


every time i log on the bird site i am bewildered at the anti intellectual behaviour .. I'm like Michael Bluth opening the "Dead Dove Inside - Don't Open!" Bag

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on basically any major platform you can name.... there’s black folks whose creative input is profound, abundant and prevalent. and to make the decision to ignore that is................yikes I feel bad for you but also fuck you

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can pol 

On top of the website looking like and having the same functionality as early 2000s wordpress blogs.. whole country is like a bad joke

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can pol 

They have a questionnaire on the Canadian Govt website asking people to weigh in on how the Liberals should plan their upcoming budget and for a lot of the segments are like ONLY SELECT 3 as if a future worth investing in is dependant on 3 multiple choice selections. This shit needs to be overthrown immediately

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BIPOC Instance 

everyone who replied to this with wanting to help feel free to DM me so we can get something going, i think nows the time

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Yall sure sound whiny when the black people you claim to be advocating for speak on how you're doing more harm than good for em... What happened to all that progressiveness? Just for show? Im schleep

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Please support and share this ambitious plan by several grassroots #MutualAid and economic and #RacialJustice groups in Birmingham, AL to transform an abandoned elementary school in the historic Smithfield neighborhood into a mutual aid and community resource center

Smithfield is a majority Black and poor neighborhood in Birmingham with deep ties to the civil rights movement. The former home of Angela Davis is in Smithfield, and parts of the area gained the nickname "Dynamite Hill" due to repeated bombings by the KKK, after segregation laws in the area were overturned allowing Black people to begin moving into the neighborhood

If this plan is rejected, the school will instead be sold to land developers and contribute to further gentrification of the area. Please raise awareness and help support this awesome project to empower this historic community

Read the plan:

Sign the petition:

Donate to the crowdfund campaign:

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"BIPOC" meta 

The rampant use of the "BIPOC" label on fedi is a feature of the pervasive antiblackness #OnHere. People who LOOK FUCKING WHITE throw themselves in this category & then token "BIPOC" are thrown back and forth in disputes between NONBLACK groups that fail to acknowledge or meaningfully address how ALL nonblacks are oppressors with regards to Black people, & fedi culture INCLUDING "left" "progressive" "radical" fedi enforces Black exclusion from self-determination.

Yeah we live in a hellscape but imma fight for my rights within it and u can bet on it like efron said

non blacks dni 

"I'm in the club with 100,000 niggas!"
like when has that ever been something to boast about ? ajhjkljhll

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