"I learned to adapt way better than I could plan!" 🤝🏿

all that rah rah about supporting my starting an instance over a month ago? Yeah direct that energy to Ro from PV's Patreon! They're doing the real work. patreon.com/Are0h/

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@Jadedsoul905 she can't get work? lool she just gotta take the braids out she doesn't have any real problems

@specter idk if you have any tips for this but for education - what do you think about taking bootcamps with a coding school vs learning on your own with paid courses through a udemy kind of site?

The album of the day is Heaven To A Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor

a lil seratonin 

@felineforestmidicine@mstdn.social happy to help ! i love me sum mashups

Sunny is a Black Trans Disabled Person who is seeking Housing due to their sublet being up soon. They are looking to raise $700 in funds for a deposit to move.

Venmo @salmations
Cashapp: $mxsunny

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today's #blacktheirstorymonth spotlight is on the #EndSARS movement 🏡 the movement to abolish Nigeria's "Special Anti-Robbery Squad" was begun on twitter in 2017 in response to the armed police's excessive violence, killings, and discrimination against and profiling of urban poor folk in Nigeria. The movement reemerged in 2020 in response to the COVID19 crisis and uprisings against antiblack police brutality globally. The movement is ongoing despite violent repression by the Nigerian state.

"If Black Allies wanted us to show a little more respect, they would simply watch their tone on how they choose to critique--"

"If only Bernie had the same momentum now compared to 2016. Things could've--"

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organize organize organize .. "This must be properly understood."

"Biden might be a white supremacist with a decade's long career of oppressing communities but at least Tru-"

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"Congrats to the [Black Politician]! We respect them so much that my Wife and I are fantasizing about how good they'd be in bed and--"

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"Yeah My Cousins A Nazi but We Invited Him Over For Brunch And Hes Got a Interesting Miniature Plane Collection--"

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"Sorry, I'm not aware. Is there more than one kind of genocide happening in the midst of global imperial-"

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"As a white myself, I don't think the white creators/producers had intentions of animating a mostly white cast of ch--"

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