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I encourage folks to remember that even tho this platform may not be run by capitalists, it’s not a safe space from surveillance. Joining this is an act of resistance, and I hope we all get over here. But continue to be mindful of your privacy settings and your words you say on here. That’s my pro-tip of the day!

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"As Indigenous grassroots people, on the frontlines, we call on you to join us in solidarity from Nov 23-29 as a national call to action to support and respect our sovereignty.

We are one, we are united, and we will fight, together."

Analysis of private security infiltration on behalf of DAPL into Standing Rock. These fascists of course used Nordic imagery in their documents (linked in the article)

My refusal to buy into sexist ideas about men isn’t something that makes me want to answer endless questions for you, particularly when you haven’t answered my question. I do not believe masculinity is inherently toxic.

My refusal to buy into sexist ideas about men and masculinity isn’t something that makes me want to answer endless questions for you, particularly when you haven’t answered my question. I do not believe masculinity is inherently toxic.

Into our future, step-by-step: Land back. Water back. Medicine back. Ceremony back.

1) Land back. Return control of the material world to all those existing in it.
2) Water back. Once we’ve taken control of our material world, we have the freedom to shape it in ways that benefit us all.
3) Medicine back. With control of our material world and the ability to change it, we can finally start working to build up “medicine."
4) Ceremony back. With the return of our lives, we’ll again have a terrifying freedom to seek out our purposes, as individuals, community-members, and a species: to develop our own ceremonies that impart meaning into our lives, based on our lives, not (once again) the needs put on us by either an exploitive group or their emergencies.

(Much more at link)

Presenting our brand new Circle (A) podcast!

In our first ever episode we connect with Skyler Williams to find all about

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From our friends:

We needs boots on the ground and feet in the street. We need to show them we will never surrender. Our ancestors fought for us and we will fight for the future generations so our children and grandchildren do not have to. Stand with us.
Find out more at

Indigenous Mutual Aid- this is a place you can donate to if you want to support indigenous anarchist efforts.

Flaming barricades go up in after the cops attack native land defenders. This on the same day a judge granted a permanent injunction against

Anarchist News: **Recalling the First Week of the Uprising in Seattle**

"From Puget Sound Anarchists In September 2020 a quiet call-out for submissions was put out to friends, comrades and accomplices to share personal experiences of the uprising that did in fact occur in Seattle as an organ of the George Floyd Rebellion. While we do not view our own con…"

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Over a thousand out in Toronto today in solidarity with Mi’kmaw people defending their treaty rights and resisting enormous colonial violence.

CrimethInc.: **Between Electoral Politics and Civil War : Anarchists Confront the 2020 Election**

"What if we want neither tyranny, nor civil war, nor to perpetually settle for being ruled by the lesser of two evils? How do we break the cycle?"

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In solidarity with indigenous communities, anarchist and antifascist groups are organizing autonomous fire fighting brigades to help put out wildfires in the Brazilian rain-forest while the State does little to stop their spread.


Being part of a marginalised group does not make you immune to bigotry and discrimination. Gay people can still be transphobic. Trans people can still be anti-Black. BIPOC people can still be misogynist. POC can still be racist against other POC. Pushing each other down benefits no one but the oppressors.

Through empathy for each other, this can be fixed. Unlearn your biases. Remove the things which hold us apart.

Together, we are strong.

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