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I avoided watching The Good Place at first because it sounded kind of ridiculous but it's the right kind of ridiculous. Even Kid 2 who only watches gaming streams and anime likes it. We hit this episode last night and I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. Too bad this is the last season ever.

Just a little something that shows I'm not a grump *all* the time.

One of the things about ditching facebook is that I don't get news like this as quickly. I only found out today, five days after it happened.

RIP Eddie Van Halen

Why are teenagers nocturnal? As soon as Kid 2 hit 14 he stays up on the weekends until dawn. Kid 1 is already not rising until dark like a proper vampire. There must be some reason for this back in the hunter gatherer days. Were the teens the ones that were on watch at night or something? It's an odd phenomenon, magnified by home schooling during the age of plague.

Today's earworm brought to you by the 5:45 a.m. drive to the grocery store and the MediaMonkey phone app I plug into the car stereo.

Rocky Rivera - Pussy Kills

The video's good but the person that uploaded the only version cut out about a minute of the song so here's the full version, which is better.

The Coup - Fat Cats and Bigga Fish, full

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I'm having an earworm kind of day so don't mind me while I share it around. Sorry not sorry.

Lowkey - Keep Your Hand On Your Gun

Never forget this dude had to do time for this song because the cops are crybaby class traitors.

DJ T.O. - Kill Me A Cop

Why does *nobody* ever spell my name correctly, even when looking directly at it in print? It's only five letters, people. They insert an extra consonant or end it with the wrong vowels. It makes me feel unseen and disrespected.

The Yoruba priestess that told me it wasn't my actual name may have been onto something. It's the only explanation I have for why people can't seem to spell it.

I just wish I could have found the name I was supposed to have. But I never did.

Today's one of those days I wish I could punch people through the internet. Especially ableist people that think abusive partners do it because of mental illness. Just shut up already.

Getting my grave dancing music ready.

P.O.S. - Fuck Your Stuff

"it’s clear that Trump is eager to feign normalcy at any cost with less than a month to go before the election, his return to the White House is not a reliable sign that he’s anywhere near being in the clear."


"Last week, a study by Cornell University found that President Trump is indeed the nexus of misinformation about the pandemic, with mentions of his name driving 38% of the broader COVID-19 misinformation ecosystem."

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