Just crochet things.

Kid 1's blanket is 10% finished with 14 squares. Need three more stacks of 14 blue, four stacks of pink, and two of white before I can assemble it.

Blocked vs. unblocked = L/R

And what a blocking board looks like. Since I use acrylic yarn I use a small hand steamer but you'd block different yarns differently. Wool, for instance, just gets misted with water.

Uuugh gonna have to avoid reddit today because the women's sub I frequent is having multiple posts about what a victory it is for women that Kamala Kop is the first black, South Asian, and female VP.

So fucking what if she is? She's still a neo-liberal cop lover. Having a seat at a corrupt table isn't a victory.

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anti-blackness, ableism, involuntary commitment, Cards Against Humanity 

A friendly reminder that Cards Against Humanity is a violently anti-Black company.

Here's a link to a Black former employee's account of the company involuntarily committing him to a mental ward.


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Tfw the spirit of American hegemony exits the body of the previous president, leaving just a husk as it searches for it's new host.

Dear weather,

It is simply unacceptable that I'm having to run the a/c to keep the furball cool in the middle of January.

Currently revisiting No Man's Sky which I played on launch, got the platinum trophy in like 10 days and then stopped playing.

It's come a long way. I'm enjoying it again. Kind of looking to get my hands on a freighter.

I learned a new style of granny square specifically for my eldest's trans flag blanket and started last night. 137 squares to go!

It's a bit wonky right now but once I block the squares and assemble the blanket, they'll be perfect.

Finished my 14 year old's blanket! Now to wash it with fabric softener because the yarn's a bit stiff. Pugsley chewed on it last night when I was working and I may end up having to replace a section of the border due to him biting one of the strands but I'm going to wait and see if the repair works first.

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Relying on existing institutional power structures to protect us from the fascist bootlicker threat simply serves to further legitimize the monopoly on violence those power structures possess.

We cannot free ourselves of the chains of the system while simultaneously reinforcing those chains as necessary to protect us from the "bad people"

Fuck the fascists. But know that the only reason the state fascists are fighting against the bootlicker fash is because it threatens their legitimacy.

Giggling hammock boy.

(his color is Wilson White or White Mosaic if anyone is interested)

Pugsley has this particular sound he makes when we believe he is amused (usually makes it when we squish his butt, we think he's ticklish). Just now he has settled down in his hammock for the day and he's over there laughing to himself. Weird little critter.

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For folks looking for the "perfect" instance for them, check out this sweet website. It let's you apply all kinds of filters, including language, weather or not instances allow ads, NSFW content and number of users.


When you learn the hard way that when you assemble a hexagon blanket, it is going to be half the width you intended because hexagons overlap. At least I was planning on making it wide so it still works for a twin bed.

I'm attaching the last column of 18 and putting a border on it over the next two days, then I'll post pictures.

Welp, the vertigo isn't gone and I guess I'm going to have to bite the metaphorical bullet and call my doc on Monday. Medical PTSD makes this difficult. But Dr. Google has me really frightened because I still haven't learned not to google symptoms, so off I go.

Where is Lyudmila Pavlichenko when you need her?

I just finished Assassin's Creed Valhalla and got the platinum trophy for 100% completion. Good game if buggy. I still kind of want to run around wreaking havoc in it for a while because it is just such a beautiful game.

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Seems appropriate to paraphrase the invisible committee:

But when the insurgents manage to penetrate parliaments, presidential palaces, and other headquarters of institutions, it’s only to discover empty places, that is, empty of power, and furnished without any taste. It’s not to prevent the “people” from “taking power” that they are so fiercely kept from invading such places, but to prevent them from realizing that power no longer resides in the institutions.

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“ The rich are only defeated when running for their lives. “

-C.L.R. James

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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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