Just had a cortisone shot in my right thumb. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Pain's gone. Thumb is super numb so everything feels weird.

People everywhere keep saying "just vote" like they assume I'd vote for Biden if I was going to do such a thing.

Newsflash: I wouldn't vote for either of them. Fuck the status quo and the two party system.

Here's a great tool for checking what tracking tech a website is using while you're using it.


Literally 90 to 95% of the posts I answer on r/relationships boils down to "talk to your partner about this." Have people really fallen that far from interpersonal communication that it doesn't occur to them to try that before going to strangers on the internet to ask what they should do?

The process for getting an amended birth certificate after a gender and name change in this state is too damn convoluted. I'm an ex legal secretary and I still screwed it up.

Going to get something notarized for attempt #2 tomorrow. Le sigh.

What living with a chinchilla is like (kid face blurred for privacy).

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's too bad leftists don't assassinate because this fool has got to go.

Trump Considers Cutting HIV and COVID Funds for Liberal Cities


Old gamer and crafter problems: the tendon in the base of my thumb is now swollen from a combo of fishing in Stardew Valley and crocheting this giant blanket I'm nearly done with. I may end up having to get a cortisone shot this time since it's my right hand. I don't want that; I hear they're really painful. But so is waking up with the lump snagging when I use my hand first thing in the morning. I do not like becoming decrepit like this.

From La Casa de Papel (Money Heist in US) - Bella Ciao

If you haven't watched this series you're completely deprived.


Getting an earworm before the internet was awful. Especially if you didn't own the vinyl for any particular song. Assuaging my earworm is the best use of the internet I can think of.

The Association - Windy


We've had the fourth highest number of new cases in the US in the past seven days and yet my kid's school district is going to start rolling kids back in for in-person instruction starting next month with kindergartners.


I'm currently re-reading Sheri Tepper, for the first time in decades, and the last time I read her stuff was when I still operated under the misapprehension that I was a liberal. She's so damn good; anti-human supremacist, strongly feminist, she was far ahead of her time and it's such a joy to rediscover her after my political education of the past decade or so.


Nice to see, though I don't know how much it will actually help considering there are still people even in my so-called "enlightened" urb that think you can get it from tears or sharing dishes. Couldn't hurt though I guess.


W and I finished The Good Place last night and it's unironically the sweetest ending I've ever seen any TV show have. We even teared up a little.

I finally finished 99 granny squares for the blanket I started a couple months ago. Now I am having trouble deciding which stitch to use to join them.

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TFW the "stop sending me your photos" scammers give up on trying to get you while posing as a girl, so they switch to male names instead.

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