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Rose City Counter-info is a counter-info platform for rebels in so-called Portland, Oregon.
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Attack on Starbucks and Whole Foods for June 11th Day of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners
Submitted Anonymously
From so-called "Portland", on occupied Chinuk land

To celebrate the June 11th day of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, some anarchists took to the streets to attack prison slavery profiteers. W

A Collection of Zines Made by Rose City Antifa
Over the years Rose City Antifa has released zines covering a range of topics. Listed blow are PDF versions of five zines they have made. Three of them are from a series called "Antifascist Toolkit", this series covers history, basics and best practices in regards to anti-fascism. The remaining two are from a series called "Know

Zine:”This Rose Has Thorns: A year of anarchist attacks in so-called Portland”
"This zine is a collection of one year’s worth of anarchic, anticapitalist and abolitionist attacks in so-called Portland, Oregon.
We focus only on attacks and actions that took place
anonymously and secretly, outside of any protest, march or
demonstration. Everything wi

Zine:”Troublemaker Guide to Rose City”
"A little while ago, we came across Troublemakers Guide to Rose
City, a zine full of ways to sabotage the system that kills and breaks
us. With no digital version available, and the information within
somewhat lacking, we took it upon ourselves to make
Troublemakers Guide to Rose City #2, Sabotaging Everyday Life.
Direct action, propa

Anarchist Resources on Sexual Violence
Radical resources about sexual assault, accountability, trauma, consent, intoxication culture and assault, relationships, and kink


Zines are listed by general topic, largely in that order, after books and pamphlets.

Obviously, these topics all overlap, so zines were sorted according to what seemed the most helpful way to categorize them; eve

Attack on Portland Police vehicles during simultaneous protest
submitted anonymously

Late April 12th, while the pigs were busy attempting to control a rowdy demo at the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, the opportunity was seized to attack. The chainlink fence surrounding the parking lot of the Portland Police Bureau's traffic offices in St John's was cut through

May Day is Our Day: A Decentralized Callout
A year ago, when the Covid-19 pandemic first made itself felt, some anarchists on occupied Duwamish Territory (Seattle) put out calls for decentralized actions on May 1st, the fighting holiday of the working classes.

We return to that idea with new perspectives and experiences. Taking up the call: “This May Day we invite organizations, crew

Reportback from the Portland black bloc for Richard Douglas Delgado
On the evening of the 16th of April, a flyer had been put out on social media to "show up, bloc up, and be water" at Director Park in so-called Portland, Oregon. Earlier that day, the Portland Police had murdered another person, someone in a moment of mental crisis.
People were fucking mad and

Fuck Twitter
submitted anonymously to rose city counterinfo

Against the anarchist celebrity: In a culture which creates fame and lets it thrive there will never be a total abolition of hierarchies, even the idea of a "anarchist celebrity" is a oxymoron. Fame let's the word of a celebrity or someone with clout be put above anyone else making it easy for a normally random shitty person become even worse

Liberated Parking in Northwest Portland Neighborhoods
submitted anonymously

In solidarity with decentralized actions around the world on March 6, we took to the streets of so-called Portland to dismantle parking meters armed with nothing but spray paint and expanding foam.

The majority of parking meters in the city are located in the Northwest, in an effort to purge veh

Life and Death of an Anti-fascist
Originally from The Intercept

See also: Armeanio lives! Citywide Attack in Memory of Sean Kealiher

On the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, dozens of protesters in Portland, Oregon, marched to the state Democratic Party’s headquarters, carrying signs against police and the incoming administration. “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge,” one of them

Chase Banks attacked throughout Portland in solidarity with
Submitted anonymously to

In the early hours of Saturday, February 6th on occupied Chinook land known as “Portland”, Chase banks throughout the city were attacked in solidarity with the fight against the Line 3 Pipeline expansion, a project being funded by Chase.


Zine: “Sabotage of ATMs, fare machines and parking meters”
"This zine was put together to share some stories of simple sabotage that have been both inspiring and helpful, and give some detailed (but never complete) notes on a fun, easy and effective way to fuck shit up. The stories are shared in chronological order, because we loved seeing how, when viewed together

 PPA Headquarters Unchanged Despite Rumors​​​​​​​
submitted anonymously

With extensive review, it appears that the Portland Police Association (PPA) is still using their office at 1868 N Lombard St. This is a collection of intelligence gathered primarily by crows local to the Portland area, though som

Series of Attacks on Cars in the Pacific Northwest – a reportback
Originally posted on

This month in Portland, a car was used to attack about a dozen people, killing one. This year, cars have been used to attack anti-state protestors again and again. The world is crawling with cars. The earth suffocates with asphalt so that the

Series of Attacks on Cars in the Pacific Northwest – a reportback
Originally posted on

This month in Portland, a car was used to attack about a dozen people, killing one. This year, cars have been used to attack anti-state protestors again and again. The world is crawling with cars. The earth suffocates with asphalt so that they might d

New zine!

Who Are You Streaming For? —Three criticisms of livestreaming

These 3 critiques of streaming at protests are evidenced by the success of recent action in Portland on Indigenous People’s Day of Rage, when streamers were kept out.

REPORT: Citywide Attack in Remembrance of Sean Kealiher!

"161 windows were broken all across so-called Portland in memory of Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio Lewis. Banks, luxury cars, new condos, school buildings, businesses and more were joyfully smashed in!"

Introducing Rose City Counter-info!

This new project intends to create a platform for submitting reports, analyses, communiques, announcements, calls to action, art and musings relevant to radicals and anarchists in Portland and the greater Portland area.

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