Twin Cities: Fash from "Hold the Line MN" intend to protest Drag Story Hour in St. Paul on Saturday morning, at Arlington Hills Public Library, 1200 Payne Ave on the east side. Story hour is at 10:30; Fash have advertised they will show at 10am.

Antifascist response will be decentralized, and you are encouraged to prepare and join. Please read these slides for important things to consider if you do.

(reposted - deleted earlier post w/ wrong address)

Twin Cities drag story hour defense 

Can't make it on Saturday? Let Saint Paul Public Library know that they have the community's support in hosting these life affirming events!

Twin Cities drag story hour defense 

Per photos coming out from otg, we have a number of actual Proud Boys otg protesting drag story hour in eastern Saint Paul - it’s been awhile since they’ve actually come out in a group here.
two more drag story hour events happening in the coming weeks.

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