"Last night at the protest in front of Brooklyn Center PD for , as militarized State troopers, National Guard, and DNR officers moved in to brutally enforce an arbitrary curfew, an anonymous hero pulled off the most daring dearrest this year so far." - @/VitalistInt on birdsite, video from @unicornriot

SportsCenter Top 10 highlight - the announcer's call in alt text (no violence/brutality in video except for the existence of a riot cop line/attempted and failed kidnapping)

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The @unicornriot on the call on this de-arrest in Brooklyn Center:

Unicorn Riot reporter: "People have been very peaceful from what I've seen... They're [police] going after two youth right there... Somebody just helped them, somebody just helped them, somebody just helped them! Got em out! Wow! That was amazing, that was quite amazing! They literally grabbed two youth, one white dude, big tall, snatched them, grabbed them out of the police's grasp, and got em away!"

This literally gives me chills like a game winning world series announcer call or something

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