Donation request for legal defense 

Hey folks, the Hennepin County (Minnesota) Attorney is trying to set a precedent after the mass arrest here last New Years Eve in Minneapolis that anyone at a protest where property damage occurs is guilty by association.

Stopping this bullshit takes money. Please join me in giving & boosting this fundraiser for Jordan Abhold, who is a stand-up comrade and overall great human being facing bullshit felony charges:

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Donation request for legal defense 

Jordan and 4 other folks facing felony riot charges had pretrial hearings this past week. At one of them the prosecutor tried to argue a pocket knife was a dangerous weapon; at another he argued (successfully) for 6-figure bail because of "lack of communities" ties, despite 50+ friends in the (virtual) courtroom specifically to support the defendant.

Prosecutors are big bucks full-time to make people's lives miserable and repress dissent. Let's stop them.

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