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I am DYING at the special little car they use to drive out relief pitchers at the Tokyo Olympics. Amazing. Brilliant. Thank you Japan for being everything you are.

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The federal eviction moratorium expires today. The fact that it was in place for over a year shows how senseless evictions are in the first place. Aren't wealth disparities in the US bad enough already?

Here's a poster promoting eviction defense to use in your community:

Let's fight back and defend each other.

Another day, another chapter of Desert to listen to before bed

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“We will demand what is right and right for everyone: freedom, justice, democracy, everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.”


These high-quality stickers are priced to sell in quantity, to decorate your block, protect an area from fascist recruiting, and give them to sympathetic friends and family.

3.5" circular sticker with black ink screen-printed on white vinyl.

Available for sale at:

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Covid 19 Delta is as spreadable as chickenpox. And there are worse supervariants coming.
The world will never go back to "normal". In work, play, education, travel.
But "normal" was killing us and the planet.

Work was soul-deadening and abusive paper-shuffling and coffee pouring. Play was a self-destructive self-medication & escape from corporate tyranny. Education was non-existent where it mattered. Travel was too much and burning the planet.

Accept it and change.

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don't read into the thing don't read into the thing don't read into the thing

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a thing i never expected about the apocalypse is people not noticing the sun being blotted out by smoke

I think my surgery scars disapprove of me screaming at my friend's racist, classist, bootlicking shithole landlord over the phone tho

These mfers should know not to mess with a girl who's had a new vagina both installed and removed

All "property management" (extortion) companies deserve the guillotine, full stop

Minneapolis electoral rankness 

Just ordered 1,100 stickers, that's a lot of rankness gonna be going up soon!

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Today in Minneapolis W's
2nd Degree Felony Riot --> reduced to Unlawful Assembly
Fleeing a Police Officer --> CHARGES DROPPED

There was some not insignificant bullshit to go along with it but the take home message is the same - When we fight we win!

I am begging our comrades to start hyping our courtroom W's and mercilessly ridiculing the empire's L's

Today in zoom court: "Yeah, the victim being a BUILDING"

If you aren't yet at the point of fuck every single prosecutor and every single judge, I challenge you to spend a day actually watching a docket and get back to me.

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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England fun fact 245: England was named after their great national hero Friedrich Engels 🇳🇿

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They are transferring our neighbors from the hotel across the street to dangerous congregate shelters

watching the red air quality index blobs get closer and closer

particulates are happening

Woke: Read Desert
Bespoke: Listen to Desert

Just a lil light bedtime listening

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