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I am begging my local militants to push their shyness boundaries in order to flirt with me

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catgirl seeking catboi bf to chew plastic with

A thing that happened today was that I was nearby to someone who caused me lots of angst/did lots of harm in the Before Times, and it was okay.

Also they seemed pretty out of place and so i had a small giggle. Kinda petty maybe but I let some hard feelings escape out into the void

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Liked this graphic so I cleaned up some small errors that seemed to be from whatever original scan there was an undated it.

Using my stand up desk lets me pretend I'm working at a station on the Star Trek bridge and I like this

Just saw my first national guard humvees of the season here in Minneapolis. The occupation is beginning.

Another reason Mastodon is better than bird app - no twitter follower has ever sent me a 6 pack of Moxie.

Because maybeeeee
You're gonna be the one that saves meeeee
And after aaaaaall
You're my free speech waaaaalllll

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Getting old sucks

ALT TEXT: Younger person helping older person with a walker meme template with Emoji Cat on the older person. Emoji Cat says "I used to be ready to mobilize at the drop of a hat and would go to any right wing gathering within 1000 miles of my city ready to fight organized white supremacists in the streets". The younger person says "sure 30 something washed up meme page admin. Let's get you to bed."

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Bankers should get just as much animosity as cops to keep it a hundo

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@riotmuffin gross. Liberals just eat that shit up. I have a feeling were going to see a bunch of the old classics w biden liberalism
Can't wait for new and improved anti doxing© privacy protected® popup police tents over mass arrest sites to show back up too

Outside Hennepin County Government Center, where the Chauvin murder trial spectacle is scheduled to take place in Minneapolis in marchmarchnd April and where someone seems to be wanting to boost razor wire company profits)

Photo via @/tc_wda on bird app

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really really wonderful interview with some folks from the marshall encampment which was evicted on the 17th. please give it a listen.

Apparently there is like a Bush-era "free speech cage" thing being erected here in Minneapolis for the Chauvin trial?

Idk who needs to hear this, but do not legitimize this kind of thing in any way, shape or form.

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boob mention 

Why does the world tell me I'm a dude, but I can't post my tits on Instagram smh

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Pic ID: A store front is spray tagged "The World is Ours" and "Never reopen the nightmare"

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Feel good machine bronk. Press like button, make dopamine happen in my brain.

Alt text: emoji cat smashing a coffee shop window with the text "Direct action gets the goods? Damn in literally just tryin to get some motherfuckin dopamine." With a dopamine molecule 3d model

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