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I am begging my local militants to push their shyness boundaries in order to flirt with me

If you listen to the police scanner to help protect your community from MPD & National Guard terror, you might also be able to hear Ole from Coon Rapids on the street sweeping crew.

current anxiety level: near breakdown from the fact that my package of mozza sticks only has 8 instead of the usual nine

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"People are afraid to do their jobs," he told Insider. "Nobody wants to use force in the department anymore," he added, saying it put officers at risk of getting hurt.

" He specifically took issue with the department's new guiding principle of "do no harm." "


This mpls cop left before the trial because, he says, "If Minnesota had the death penalty and Chauvin got it, people in Minneapolis are still going to riot," the officer said. "They're still going to burn the city down."


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this one would start a fight with my neighbor who owns rental properties.

Minneapolis: The verdict is coming soon, possibly even in the next couple days. Going to downtown Minneapolis? Don't Get Caged! Know Your Routes!

This interactive map has been updated with the latest closures, kettle risk areas, police perimeters & points of interest. Know before you go & share. Fuck a free speech cage!

current mood: thankful for roomie who brings me mcdonald's chikkie sammies

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Frontliner support tales: "Yeah, we having matching rubber bullet bruises in the same place! It's so romantic!"

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Last night at an action in DC, cops viciously attacked a non-violent crowd in the middle of dispersing. THEY TARGETED OUR SHIELDS AND MEDICS.

In the process, shields lost some of their equipment, especially brand new radios and respirators.

if you can, please consider donating;

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Margaret Killjoy opinion piece in BusinessInsider ... this world is beyond parody at this point

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Police in the USA when......

Someone steals a car with a gun: We must pursue! If they resist, it's our right to kill em!

A pedophile ex-cop murders his family: "No risk to the general public"

Achievement unlocked - started a signal voice memo only to have it end with gunshots in the background (everything's fine)

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Minneapolis pol, "freedom fighters" 

Oh shit! Hearing dispatch talk about "freedom fighters" makes more sense now!

They're a group who "bridges the gap between community and police". Fuck these bootlickers! Yeet them out of your movement if you can identify them!

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Feeling super resistant to pretending anyone needs explaining anymore.

Fuck the police
What do you mean?
I mean fuck 12!
But what will we do without police?
Fuck 'em.
How can we abolish the police?
What about the good cops.
Fuck 12. Fuck the police. Fire to the prisons


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"A data breach at a Christian crowdfunding website has revealed that serving police officers + public officials have donated money to fundraisers for accused vigilante murderers, far-right activists + fellow officers accused of shooting black Americans."


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Rumormongering. It does the enemy's job better than they can, without even making them work.

And it comes from so many people who now better.

Keeping rumors in check is a critical skill to learn to keep your friends and comrades both safe and dangerous.

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