let me see if I get this gay:

- The Wild-frei/Edelweiß youth were anticiv hiking teens who dressed up like fantasy costume genderfuck gangsters, roamed the country doing crimes and sex work, and had no-holds-barred decadent orgies as a major recreative pasttime

- they fought the Hitler Youth and, when the nazis took over, became active guerilla resistance

- the unapologetic queerness of the wild-youth has been straightwashed. the Soviets and the Allies also persecuted them for it after WW2

- the all-boy's gangs (see the "Girl-shy" above?) often had a "guild darling" whose role was to make himself sexually available to everyone

- due to all-boy guilds existing, the girls organised guilds too

- some (allegedly) boys wanted to run in the girl's gangs and they were allowed

Podcast by @margaret

@ramonita i didn't know about that 🤯😍 even though I had strong connections to bündischer Jugend (a special kind of scouts) where we sang songs about the Edelweißpiraten and were always looking for historic rolemodels...

@knittingsquirrel yeah from the studies cited it seems that only 5% of the young hiking groups were actual punk sex criminals, but the camping scene was their recruitment ground

@margaret @ramonita oh yeah, I remember hearing about them. They killed a lot of Nazis lmao

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