ppl are sharing an Onion report where the cops complain they can't infiltrate leftist groups, cos we're too disorganised and hate one another.

it's funny parody, but not as funny as reality. I'm taking this cue to remind the *actual* reason the FBI can't infiltrate us: They'd have to read too much fucking theory. Also we all live crammed together in the same flat with no cash

(Borum/Tilby, "Anarchist Direct Actions: A Challenge for Law Enforcement". DOI 10.1080/10576100590928106)

Whenever I talk of this report, I always like to highlight this description of us that's actually perfectly good and serviceable. Is it supposed to make us look bad?

@ramonita this somehow brings up the image of the cop in hackers (1995) reading the hacker manifesto out loud 🤔

@tethre @ramonita I should set up a "ran into Special Agent Hangover again" canary. :thonking:

@ramonita It isn't. It's assumed that the target audience is willing to defend the "homeland" against literally anything, so there's no need to persuade them.

fuck these people

@ramonita I wonder if it looks good because someone copy-pasted it from some anarchist material lol

@ramonita I wonder, how many cops who were aimed at anarchists, actually then thought "hey, those people have a point"

@ramonita Feds defined my anti-fed ideology better than I could

@ramonita this reads as written by someone who was sent to infiltrate anarchists but instead has become one

@ramonita “we can’t figure out how to defund them because they’re just a bunch of poor people doing stuff”

@ramonita this report goes around every so often. That was a joke I heard last time

@Byte I also saw a report once, I think it wasn't a parody, where an alt-right Christian tried to infiltrate trans "activists" to find out what we're secretly plotting. can't locate it rn.

the person finds out that we all meet in our one-room flats and sleep all together in the same bed. they never find out the secrets of the trans agenda, because that would involve participating in our unspeakable obscenities.

plan is working out y'all, keep those degeneracy shields going full blast<3

@ramonita lmao. I guess that’s a good tip: make infiltration hard by making it require things that make infiltrators specifically uncomfortable


This is a nice thought but as the spy cops horror unfolds in the UK we see that this isn't really the case. And yeah the US prefers to work with informers than dedicate staff to these projects but they still have their hooks sunk where you don't want them.


This reads like a love letter to us, more beautiful than anything CrimethInc ever published
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