free speech vs. punching nazis (1/x) 

if you walk around with swastikas and Identitäre T-shirts and etc., the *action* you're doing is not "speaking". the action is "trying to intimidate minorities".

a lot of these free speech nerds accept that the bully who called them fat in school wasn't just "freely speaking", he was bullying, harassing, humiliating someone. but the same nerds grow into privilege and, when they see minorities being targeted, conveniently forget that words *do* actions.


free society vs. punching nazis (2/x) 

if the town is full of open nazis, gay people will be afraid to hold hands. if gay people can hold hands, nazis will feel afraid to wear swastikas.

this is because the swastikas advocate for the murder of gay people. you can't have both, they're mutually exclusive. either the gays are afraid to gay, or the nazis afraid to nazi.

nazis should feel afraid to nazi, rejected by the larger community.
someone has to do the rejectioning.
it ain't gonna be the cops.

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transformative justice vs. punching nazis (3/x) 

you can be abusive without meaning to. you can sincerely regret harming someone, and end up doing it again. the path to a world with less abuse and more support harmed folk involves recognising the humanity of the harmers while tending to the needs of the harmed, and changing the structures so that the conditions for harm can't occur.

you can't wear a white supremacy T-shirt without meaning to.

want to be not punched? Don't wear the nazi T-shirt.

transformative justice vs. punching nazis (4/x) 

I don't do death penalty. Rojava doesn't do death penalty even for defeated ISIS rapists (that would be the path to tankism). there always has to be a way out, a path to the good.

but white Euro nazis? they have plenty of ways out. just stop being a nazi. stop doing nazi shit. anybody can stop being a nazi at any moment. it's easy, you don't even have to do anything. stay home watching neflix, and no scary antifa girls will ever punch you.

transformative justice vs. punching nazis (5/x) 

someone might argue that this is a superficial resistance, it doesn't address the structural causes. and that's true enough. fascists can't be stopped with punches and threatening graffiti.

but the _immediate nazi terror_, the one right now in our communities, can be held back with punches and threathening graffiti. it's an emergency measure. most importantly, it tells targeted minorities that yes someone is seeing this shit, that someone cares.

transformative justice vs. punching nazis (6/x) 

I immigrated to Germany when Trump was elected on anti-Latina racism, AfD was on the rise, Bolsonaro had won. my neighbour had Identitäre stickers, the other one iron crosses and Fraktur in his car. I was afraid of walking alone at night. are the nazis back? am I going to be beaten like in my country?

then I saw all the antifa stickers and "migrants welcome" graffiti, every other block. I was alone, depressed, closeted, but I knew someone cared.

transformative justice vs. punching nazis (7/7)) 

I got in with the antifa trying to give back the good they did to me.

Antifascist action absolutely needs a positive project, it can't be just counter-reactive. For me it's indissociable from anarchism.

But the counter-reaction is important. I'm not saying everyone has to go dirt their hands dealing with nazis. But there is a kind of person who just get their blood boiling every time they spot a 1488 tattoo, & that energy can be put for good use.

transformative justice vs. punching nazis (4/x) 

@ramonita where can I learn about rojava? I hear their subreddit got shut down.

@Byte introductions to :

this podcast is old but it's from the perspective of an on-site reporter who isn't especially radical and had no predisposition to favour the revolution. it's a great intro to what I consider the most important political development of our era (along with the ):

if you prefer books this is the standard:

there's this graphic novel but I haven't read it yet

@ramonita I will have to read up on that later. Not surprising their subreddit got shut down, the US military industrial complex is probably not fond of any opposition to ISIS besides that which serves itself

@Byte the US fought with Rojava to defeat ISIS, which made the tankies classify Rojava as "American imperalism", because for tankies there are only 2 genders, "American imperalist" and "valid".

then when ISIS was defeated, at great cost in revolutionary lives, Americans promptly backstabbed them and left them for the Turkish AKP.

the AKP has the backing of NATO and the EU due to both lucrative weapons deals, and blackmailing Europe with the threat of dumping refugees of the brown kind.

oh, more than double.

that Rojava managed to pull out a stateless, non-nationalist, bottom-up democratic revolution focused on feminism and ecology, in a federative model that scales up, that they gave every grandma a rifle and protected religious/ethnic minorities and saved the Yazidi and *didn't* become the oppressors and treat even captured enemy fascists with humanity—this would already be a a feat for forever history.

but they did that while fighting ISIS, Assad, Iraq *and* Erdoǧan.

@Byte I don't want to idealise it ofc, the older-generation comrades I know are full of hashtag-problematic things that have to be discussed (though I am able to discuss it with them, productively, also I'd trust them with my life). they were originally tankies and still treat the leader Öcalan with a Great Leader-type attitude that will creep out any anarchist (to a large extent they outgrew tankism because the Leader Uncle read Bookchin, a fact that will amuse me for as long as I live)

@ramonita well, they sound very cool and it is unsurprising that NATO don’t like them

@Byte but the things that Öcalan is proposing are like, actually *good*, the political project ("democratic confederalism", based on Bookchin's municipalism) is in actual fact about empowering everybody rather than a vanguard class or the Leader himself, right now not in remote future, you can watch it happening. when I criticise the stuff I don't vibe with, it's wholeheartedly respected and engaged.

most of all they made a free society that people like living in; and I want to learn from that.

transformative justice vs. punching nazis (4/x) 

@ramonita I disagree. Nazi organisations are similar to cults, it can be really hard to exit. Furthermore, you can't simply change your political opinion. At least I didn't choose not to be a nazi. It took me some time to realize that party xy is better than party yz.
Anyway, there are people who can do it, here is a german example:

transformative justice vs. punching nazis (4/x) 

@gallus You miss the point. If you enter a nazi organisations, then you do not see anything wrong with that. If you don't see anything wrong with nazi organisations, you are a nazi. This is not hard to understand. whites can always chose whether they want to be nazi or not. BIPoC cannot chose not to be targets of Nazis. #OstNaziKultur @ramonita

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