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:anarchiststar: Warning :anarchiststar:

You are now in Zapatista territory. Here it is the people who command, and the government obeys.

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y'all I would prefer not to be boosted on the birdsite :birdsite:
not that I'm exacly the paragon of online security, and this alt is public/boostable cos I want this stuff to be public, and boosted. I just don't like myself being on twitter in particular.

feel free to copy-paste my content on twitter tho! or anywhere else, all I post is free for the taking :acab2: just don't tweet the toot link/username or use twitter bridges for this alt ok

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(photo of anarchists) left
(photo of zapatistas) unity
(photo of wobblies) makes
(photo of democratic confederalists) us
(photo of state socialists) *not* *you* :tankies:
(photo of animal liberators) all
(photo of communalists) stronger
(photo of indigenous radicals) together

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"There won't be death for the flower which is the word."

yes the Communist Manifesto is cool and all, but *have* y'all seen the 4th declaration.

"There may be death for the masked face of those who name it today, but this word, this word born from the depths of land and history, cannot be rooted off anymore by the arrogance of power."

ok, I don't like how the translations I find lose the music of it, so, thread: Cuarta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona:

today I crashed a different group I hadn't been active in a while, and folk were already inviting me to speak for the group at an event and I'm like wait, why are you asking me to do that I'm new and clueless, also I get a captive audience for politicking? where do I sign?

most ppl I know treat social tasks, conversations, speeches, as these big, draining ordeals; for me, they're treats. Guess I should stop being coy and let myself enjoy doing what I do best. There's one tiny little problem...

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thinking of that protest where people came praise my improv speech. internally I was anxious about whether I was just bothering, I mean it's a tough crowd when you're discoursing on political imprisonment and half your audience is cops surrounding your ppl right hahahah.

thing is, I do love the spotlight, I love speaking to a public, and dunno the phrases just make nice turns all by themselves? if "we should do the activism we feel good doing", then I should serve the cause as rabblerouser.

It follows that as collectives we'll mobilise people more if we strive to undo work culture in our own organising.

Of course, achieving social change takes commitment. But if this commitment comes out of duty/guilt patterns, the only change we achieve is changing motivation to burnout.

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sometimes when dealing with personal issues I kinda ghost all my political groups. and I guess that does point to the problem with how I (and not only I) still tend to do politics: as a job, as if it lived apart from your individual issues.

but as in avoiding friends, I find that to go to the thing even if you're late and been away etc. always turns out positive and much better than not going to the thing.

(for a longer discussion on positive antifascism, see Ewa Majewska's book Feminist Antifascism

also discussed with the author in the UK antifa podcast "12 rules for what", episode #51 )

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of all the things German antifas do, the one I like the most is the Hanau demos. how long after media & govt cycles forgot about it, year after year we march, we invite the families of the targeted, put them on the stage, listen to their stories.

show that we remember. that we're seeing this shit. that someone cares.

and what keeps me on the streets, despite increasing State persecution, is the way Muslims and Jews and old folk stop when we pass, and their expressions when they look at us.

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it's in this trend that I see the potential for antifa crews to leverage their unique sense of trust into an independent movement. it's what refutes the common accusation of hooliganism, of being _no more than_ a fight club.

don't get me wrong, the fight is a beautiful thing. it's also justified; the wave of hostility that makes our eyes burn cold in unison when we see some fucker flashing a Reichsflag is there for a reason.

but if it was all about fighting, it'd be merely punitive justice…

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fascism envisions a world of glorious masculinity and sex essentialism; so a positive antifascism will build up queer-feminism.

they want militarism, heroism, conquest; so we build compassion, softness, empathy.

they want uniformity, nationalism, white supremacy; so we build diversity, free movement, reparations, BIPOC protagonism.

they want duty, sacrifice, hard work; so we encourage fun, love, art.

fascism is, in short, a death cult; so a positive antifascism is the affirmation of life.

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in this way antifascism is bounded. I will put my body between the police and targeted statists, as they've done for me in the past. but I won't fucking march for their shitty left parties. so the only thing we can do together is fight, sometimes.

but lately I think I see antifascism growing a theory of its own („Antifa heißt mehr als Nazis jagen / Antifa heißt Tag für Tag das Ganze hinterfragen“). basic idea being, what are the values of fascism writ large, and what is their alternative?

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…it's in the symbol: a red flag for MLs (*cof* appropriately *cof*), a black one for anarchists. so that we remember how our conflict left an opening for the nazis to exploit. so that we don't do it again.

but you can't just be anti-, you have to be pro- something. you need to build an alternative to fascism. and, because our goals are different from the MLs, our methods also diverge, and it's easy to cause a split.

masked, you're just another antifa. masked, you hold the front lines together.

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I think it was at the forest occupation skateboarding techno music gym, when I saw young antifas skating and holding hands and going for a drink together, all _in masks_, that I first thought of how antifas have a bit of a Zapatista thing going on: they're more themselves with the mask than without. (that was my second thought, my first thought was "wtf how is this real life this is ridiculously cool wth").

this helps a lot because antifascism is an incomplete, reactive movement…

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I don't feel any desire to defend fashion from the obvious criticisms (it'd take me into a whole thread about femmemisia and how come countercultural guardians always hate literally anything that teen girls love).

will just point that all subcultures, even those that prize individuality & freedom (e.g. punk) somehow seem to always converge into a recognisable style. indigenous people have shared community aesthetics, too. and maybe there's a point, a reason why people feel compelled to do that?

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…but anything that's purely functional looks cool, because it projects power. and then it's an aesthetic. and then it acquires the functions of aesthetics, which supersede the original functions. so even though a "free Lina" print will negate the benefits of pure blac block, it will build community, make your allies know you're an ally, make your enemies uncomfortable, make people in the know feel supported, build up you confidence and sense of identity… you know, everything outfits do.

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like a lot of styles, antifa wear starts out from purely functional needs: it has to be quick to wear and large enough to put over civilian clothes, so you can dress up/down in little alleyways without cameras. It gotta be foldable and good for action and protect from weather or long detentions (thus the ubiquitous North Face windbreakers). And unprinted black bloc, to blend in with the squad, so that the cops can't easily tell who did what.

it was just tactical, without concern for aesthetics…

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oh yes there's a recognisable antifa fashion! complete with commodified fashion labels (True Rebel, Lesstalk, Sixblox, La Révolté… myself, I'm a Mob Action girl, if anyone from Mob Action is reading this: I'll 100% sell out for outfits).

obviously fashion & consumerism conflicts with leftism, and the true-cred antifa will never buy a single thing and dress exclusively on hand-me-downs etc. but as the one socialist unironically delighted by fashion, I'm particularly in love with antifa wear.

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oh yes there's a recognisable antifa music; it runs from hiphop to punk to techno, but the common trend is not just the meaning, but the aesthetics, the combative energy. antifa music are battle-songs. Mal Éléve, ZSK, Zerreißprobe, Resistencia Afa, The Muslims, Sookee, Spezial-K, Broken Rules, Refpolk, Blade Loki, Alsarath, Ana Tijoux, Cistem Failure…

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I love antifas. antifa as a subculture and a political movement is just a fascinating phenomenon.

I think it was at a Kurdish festival hosted by antifas that I really started thinking of antifascism as a subculture. because there were Kurdish bands playing Kurdish music that folk in Kurdish clothes danced in a Kurdish way. and then antifa bands playing antifa music that antifa folk wearing antifa clothes danced in an antifa way.

people who know me better get meta about it, like they can tell I'm actually some awkward nerd who wanted to be a hot girl for 30 years, so they enable my performance, applaud when I hit a fun double entendre or nail a spicy outfit. like, they're thrilled when I manage to be myself, what it means.

and it's only thanks to this social support that I can perform the act of magic by which I'm actually a hot girl all along, who was beaten down into behaving like some awkward nerd for 30 years.

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btw behaving like a fantasy of a hot girl, dressing fem and sexy, and making these jokes and lampshade humor—these are also a form of emotional honesty. it's who I am, I'm a Latina travesti. I always wanted to be this, and now I can.

in most political spaces I frequent people don't do any of these things. but nobody ever said they're uncomfortable with it, it's just a general sense of "how it's done" that kept me back. once I figured I can have community without masking, I stopped masking.

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