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:anarchiststar: Warning :anarchiststar:

You are now in Zapatista territory. Here it is the people who command, and the government obeys.

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y'all I would prefer not to be boosted on the birdsite :birdsite:
not that I'm exacly the paragon of online security, and this alt is public/boostable cos I want this stuff to be public, and boosted. I just don't like myself being on twitter in particular.

feel free to copy-paste my content on twitter tho! or anywhere else, all I post is free for the taking :acab2: just don't tweet the toot link/username or use twitter bridges for this alt ok

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(photo of anarchists) left
(photo of zapatistas) unity
(photo of wobblies) makes
(photo of democratic confederalists) us
(photo of state socialists) *not* *you* :tankies:
(photo of animal liberators) all
(photo of communalists) stronger
(photo of indigenous radicals) together

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"There won't be death for the flower which is the word."

yes the Communist Manifesto is cool and all, but *have* y'all seen the 4th declaration.

"There may be death for the masked face of those who name it today, but this word, this word born from the depths of land and history, cannot be rooted off anymore by the arrogance of power."

ok, I don't like how the translations I find lose the music of it, so, thread: Cuarta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona:

security vulnerabilities in military drones 

> Other wireless techniques involve exploiting a vulnerable comms protocol, “like LightBridge for the Phantom 4s,” Woodbury said. “Or just generally their developers being inept and leaving a bunch of vulnerabilities in the platforms, which we’ve found a number of them in the work that we did [at DroneSlayers] — unauthenticated FTP servers, or you extract a password off the board and it turns out to be the password that every drone uses.”

Louise Michel-sempai day 

> … that it is impossible to ally liberty with power, and that a revolution whose aim is any form of government would be but a delusion if only a few institutions fell, because everything is bound by indestructible chains in the old world, and everything must be uprooted by the foundations for the new world to grow happy and be at liberty under a free sky.

oh, figures. Louise was converted by the deep boundless sea. blessed by salt, blessed by steel.

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Louise Michel-sempai day 

> We had much time to think on board, and by constantly comparing things, events, and men; by having seen my friends of the Commune, who were honest, at work, and who only knew how to throw their lives into the struggle, so much they feared to act ill; I came rapidly to the conclusion that honest men in power are incapable, and that dishonest ones are monsters;


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Louise Michel-sempai day 

> I became definitely an Anarchist when sent to New Caledonia, on a state ship, in order to bring me to repentance for having fought for liberty. I and my companions were kept in cages like lions or tigers during four months. We saw noting but sky and water, with now and then the white sail of a vessel on the horizon, like a bird’s wing in the sky. This impression and the expanse were overwhelming.


Qweendom spoilers 

Black play "from Black people to Black people" about systemic violence: Ends with all actors yelling primal nonstop as they smash a white marble head with hammers

White reviewer: this piece is against violence

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Kurdish folk come from a very different cultural background than mine and in some aspects there is a large gap (unsurprisingly, it's much easer for me to fit in with the zapatistas). but there are things I really vibe well with my dear Kurds:

- dancing and singing all the time
- bitching about how much Marxists suck
- being always late
- being terrible at privacy, taking selfies of everything
- love of children
- "someone ought to make fascists scared" "yes me me pick me ✋✋ that's me"

Last I saw there was still tickets for today's performance of in Oberhausen! We will again be there before and after the piece to chase off fashos and show support for the artists, interested ppl meet up at the Hbf 17h! or just join in at the square in front of the theatre, protip: bring warm clothes hihi

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if anyone is going to the festival in Lützerath next saturday meet me there! :rojava3:

look into your friendly neighborhood Kurdish associations for shared transportation! related links:

everybody has read on protest prepping but something I seldomly see mentioned: you'll have allies at an action.

if you can carry more water than you need, someone who forgot to bring water can drink. surprlus warm clothes protect against unexpected chill winds at night, or help someone who came in shorts. a labelled IFAK can enable someone who is not you to help a 3rd person. snacks make people happy and bond together.

don't try to carry too much ofc, but it feels nice to think of others.

antifa work in a country not at war is defensive work. very little of it involves actual direct confrontation. the important part is to be present, vocal, to not back down to violence. the important part is that, when people are being threatened by fascists, they look outside and see this.

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silly, not screenreader-friendly 

In the criminal justice system, chasing away fascists is considered especially terrorism. In the European Union, the dedicated anarchists who defy these vicious cops anyway are members of an elite squad known as AɴᴛɪFᴀ Supersoldiers. These are their stories.

the first flag was used by Bolshevik propaganda to accuse Makhnovist troops of Jewish pogroms. Makhno opposed anti-semitism, and is documented to have executed anti-semites on the spot in his own army. He denied that the first flag was ever used by the anarchist forces, and attributes it to the Free Cossacks. Modern Jewish historians have confirmed that the accusations were Soviet misinformation.

Notice however that the 3rd Regiment flag did feature a skull design, on the back:

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> Thesis 5: To define the enemy in an immediate and material sense means moving beyond hatred or rejection into a posture of hostility, or an immediate antagonism, in this case hostility in relation to policing.

> Thesis 6: This move into hostility requires a reattachment of action to the space and time of the act, the immediate and material tactical terrain formed by conflict.

—Institute For The Study of Insurgent Warfare, "What is Insurgency?"

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> Thesis 3: It is this formation that has led us to our current impasse, where attempts to transcend activism replicate the same formation but through actions of greater magnitude.

> Thesis 4: To overcome the impasse is not a question of moving past complaint into other forms of symbolic action against despatialized enemies, but of defining the enemy in an immediate and material sense.

More context from first-hand accounts:

* AfD politician and known neonazi fuckwad Erich Noldus is ranting about taxpayer money spent on theatre and continues to dox Black artists on his Facebook.

* Yesterday one artist was being observed by by two white dudes thru their curtained window. Upon being spotted they ran away. Theatre was dismissive.

* They're asking for security support, and donations:

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Also the AfD just reposted the theatre piece in their social media, they're still at it.

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My own PSA:

Was just detained at a certain Hbf for, looking angrily at nazi tattoos I guess? Cops then helpfully banished me from the station, after the nazis had gone outside.

Thin blue line is out for blood y'all, play it safe when going to the thing!
Also notice there's a storm warning and the trains are already disrupted before it even started.

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