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"...and then we build monuments to them and glorify the men we have vilified and crucified as we go on crucifying their brothers in spirit, the pioneers of our own day."

Image description: a page from Alexander Berkmans "What is Anarchism"

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Is this the earliest documented usage of "No Gods, No Masters" ?

"Geyer is reputed to have had the words "Nulla crux, nulla corona" (Neither cross nor crown) scratched on the blade of his sword. All sides credited him with the wanton destruction of cathedrals and castles, and summary executions of the lords and priests contained therein."

"This is the story of Spain’s first street vendor union and its creative solidarity in the face of racism, police harassment and COVID-19."

Seeing barricades being erected for the fifth day in a row makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

"Arriphrades: A member of an artistic family and possibly a comic poet himself,[17] he has been immortalized by Aristophanes here (line 883) and in other plays[18] as an exponent of cunnilingus."

One of the better things to have your name remembered for eternity for really.

Happy national day to all and any Saami people out there in the fediverse!

Although not written by a Saami(afaik), this is a pretty good article for those interested in knowing more about the history behind the day (it's in Norwegian but google translate does a good job):

Image description: Photograph of Elsa Laula Renberg, one of the early organizers of Saami rights and recognition in Norway and Sweden:

Archeology / Google Earth / Really Old stuff 

So I occasionally spend way to much time browsing Google Earth, and this spot (Black Desert in Jordan) has occupied my imagination for some time now. There seems to be a lack of information available on the place afaik. From an incredible amount of stone structures to the oldest bread in the world (14k years ish) it seems an important place in human history to me.

Anyone here with a "professional" opinion on this?


Check out the second episode of the Black Autonomy podcast, hosted by former Panthers, JoNina Abron-Ervin and Lorenzo Komboa Ervin.

Football / anti-racism / The only King I recognize 

On this day in 1995 the unofficial start of "Kick Racism out of Football" started as Eric Cantona sent a flying kick into the stands towards a racist/fascist fan (known member of National Front) of Crystal Palace after he had been yelling abusive racist shit after him all game.

After retiring Cantona had this to say about his career:

“My best moment? I have a lot of good moments but the one I prefer is when I kicked the hooligan.”


image description: weather forecast - all sunny for the foreseeable future

Reading theory, especially anarchist theory, isn’t just about your own personal understanding, it’s also about sharing, teaching, synthesizing, and practicing what you learn. If you instead use theory to gatekeep and make it a prerequisite to conversation you’re a piece of shit and give theory a bad reputation.

Well...that didn't take long. Not even a week in and the crackdown is already starting to spread beyond the right wing.

I can relate Donkey, I can relate.

Image description: picture from the game Graveyard Keeper, anti-capitalist Donkey saying: "I'm cheap labor. This cart isn't mine. So I have to work for the capitalist bastard who owns it!"

You're seeing it here first! On our latest podcast, we spoke with @PeterGelderloos about the last month of the Trump presidency and the coming to power of the neoliberal Center and thoughts on going forward.

@CrisOG I imagine some of the difference in south america can come from the fact that Liberation Theology was at hing there back in the 70s/80s - so the general view of Christianity is slightly different to what it was here. This is pure speculation on my part tho and might relate more to central america than south.

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