Lawns are stupid.
They create more work.
Never mind your neighbors.
Those whiny shits are jerks.

Bees are more important.
Bees are cute.
Bees give you food
and sometimes sting your boot(y).

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Socialist alternative out here condemning janes revenge because “the problem is too big to address one Molotov at a time”

So instead of making more molotovs they try to fight the right by having one boring ass newspaper editorial committee meeting at a time

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32 years ago today, on May 24 1990, Judi Bari was bombed by the FBI in Oakland, CA. The feds planted an explosive device in her car in a bungled assassination attempt reminiscent of COINTELPRO tactics. She, along with Darryl Cherney, survived the blast. Pigs never conducted a real investigation of the attack, instead blaming Bari and Cherney for the explosion.

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@vfrmedia @atomicpoet @koherecoWatchdog

People who simultaneously lament "loss of population" but also the "looming threat of immigration" are race-nationalists. There's no other logical way to resolve that contradiction.

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cool activity idea: homemade spike strips to sabotage cop cars and big trucks

It's my favorite activity in the hit games Minecraft and Fortnite, I would never do something so based in real life. that would be a crime

Ahhh, nothing like walking through an atmospheric swimming pool. Or is it more a hot tub?

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Imagine being so hateful you come to a Food Not Bombs meal share (!!!) with flyers that say "commies off our streets," complete with Nazi symbols drawn on them. Because hungry people are getting fed. 🙄

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#Facebook discourages employees from talking about #abortion to prevent the risk of being seen as a "hostile work environment".

In other words, you can't openly oppose bigotry, religious narrow-mindedness and people wanting to put their noses in affairs that don't belong to them, because the priority of the company is to "make everybody's ideas feel welcome and respected" rather than sitting on the right side of history.

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It's frankly terrifying how ingrained white supremacy is in our institutions, and how brazen the white supremacists have become.

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i've got 99 problems and storage running out on my servers is definitely one of them

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Hello, a friend's wheelchair has broken and they're currently raising money for a repair/replacement, any donations would be greatly appreciated

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We have successfully insulated a large part of our population from bad stuff.

Vaccines made certain diseases so rare, people think that measles and polio weren't that bad.

Failed organs? There's meds.

We don't even like to *look* at houseless folks, because they imply bad things can happen.

Hell, we get strawberries all freaking year.

We don't know how to react to actual threats any more, rather than made-up stuff. And many of us won't learn otherwise until too late. :flan_shrug:

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It's surreal how so many Americans really expected Covid to go away because they wanted to pretend it still wasn't here.

It's like people here want to die.

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Involved in mutual aid, support or defense work for unhoused folks?take a look at this article & zine with lessons from recent camp defense in Minneapolis, “so you want to stop an encampment sweep?”

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Russian resistance against Putin's aggression.
Video via the Feminist Anti-War Resistance.

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Cursed thought: Americans in the future doing January 6 re-enactments.

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"Despite the documentation, which clearly shows the police attacking the pallbearers and mourners, the Israeli media, as well as a number of prominent international media outlets, continue to refer to what took place as “clashes.” Perhaps, then, it would be useful to set the record straight." #palestine

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Anarcha-feminism and abortion rights in the US 

"Anarcha-feminists were on the front lines of the militant struggle for abortion. They were convinced that Roe v. Wade would not last forever and that they could not depend on the state and the legal system to protect abortion, so their analysis and political practice feel particularly relevant today."

To Repulse The State From Our Uteri

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