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if someone made an aldi's nuts sticker or tshirt i would buy the shit out of that

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subMedia: **Trouble #2 — Bash the Fash: Confronting the Rise of the New Right**

"In the wake of Trump's ascendancy to the US presidency, this episode analyzes the toxic mix of white nationalism, Islamophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and anti-migrant hysteria that is coalescing into a movement that has, in turn, sparked more interest in anti-fascist organizing."


#anarchism #bot

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for no reason at all (just kidding. there's a reason, i'm just not telling you) i am once again sharing:


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Remember to say rabbit rabbit rabbit as your first words after you wake up June 1st!

Repeat the words "rabbit", "rabbits" and/or "white rabbits" aloud upon waking on the first day of a month, to ensure good luck for the rest of it!


Rat has a tumor,
but I heard a rumor
that she's got
a good sense of humor.

Whiskers and Twitch, my ratties.

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i'm gay and want to build accessible trains on high speed track that bulldozes a bunch of rich bastard's summer homes

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In 2080 some of you will die in a superstorm named after the forecaster's favorite waifu

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Summer sucks.
I hate the heat.
It's so humid,
my butt's stuck to the seat.

My entire existence is dictated by small mammals.

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The colonialist cash-rich lifestyle created by Teenager Tech Bros Platforms, Inc is ... ugly. It wreaks havoc killing most flora and fauna o' Earth.

Why is nobody stopping it? Why do the good humans of the planet get bullied, silenced, oppressed, and killed so that the teenagers can both "get bigger" and also "never grow up?"

LACK OF RETAINED LEARNING IS NOT ADVANCED. SHRINK INTO YOUR DEATH. Shrivel up and accept your fate as the dead Metaman, as adults decap_itate all ur fascist nodes.

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I love my pig,
she is so big.
She wants some hay,
but I fear she'll stay
and pee
on my shirt.

It was hot.
Now it's not.
Picked from the lot
nettles for the pot
to cook a lot
and eat.

Lawns are stupid.
They create more work.
Never mind your neighbors.
Those whiny shits are jerks.

Bees are more important.
Bees are cute.
Bees give you food
and sometimes sting your boot(y).

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