police murder of chris kaba 

we mourn chris kaba. the police have murdered, again.

this is so commonplace that a recognition of the systemic police murder of black people risks minimising the story and life of each individual, and the pain of their kin & communities. so say his name, and keep saying it: chris kaba


police murder of chris kaba 

we recognise that in this time of enforced & repulsive royalist propaganda, it will be especially hard for the murder of chris kaba, the loss of his precious life, to be held in consciousness in the way that it must be.

we echo the demands of chris' family for a speedy IOPC investigation, and the immediate suspension of the cop who shot chris


with solidarity & rage: fuck the police.

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police murder of chris kaba 

@pinkpeacock Sky News used footage from the protest claiming it was Queen mourners!

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