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it's nearly 5783 AND we're one year old?!!!!!!?!!??! 👶

eat some apples and celebrate with us!

sunday september 25, 7–10pm BST
in person and online
tickets £10–20 suggested, down to £0

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hello! we're a pay-what-you-can down to £0 café in glasgow, scotland

the food, the music, and the language is multi-cultural: yiddish, scottish, & more

we run irl and livestreamed queer, jewish, yiddish, and anarchist events

we're an interfaith collective who are mostly queer, mostly trans, many jewish, many goyish, and all anarchists.

sometimes direct action is burning a polis car; sometimes it's feeding people 🍇

אַ מאָל „טאָאָטן“ מיר אויף יִדיש אויך!

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highlights in thread; full policy on our website:

we now require:
1. masks when inside (we have free masks)
2. negative LFT from the last 3 days (we have free LFTs)
3. verbal confirmation that you don't have new symptoms
4. adding your contact details to our covid clipboard

for takeaway, only masks are required. we have free masks available in the café

our online bookshop is expanding to include more queer, jewish, anarchist texts 📚

lots of them are available to read online for free; where that's the case we include a link :)

all books are pay-what-you-can down to £0 💸

yom kipur fasting PSA 

it's nearly yom kipur. if you're fasting, remember to drink lots of water today and tomorrow before the fast starts 💧

reminder that if fasting would endanger your physical or mental health, you're obliged NOT to do it!

זאָלן מיר געשריבן געוואָרן בספֿר החיים

we're open throughout the high holidays with the usual hours

saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, & wednesday: 4pm–10pm
thursday & friday: closed

(the café will be staffed by yontif goyim)

wednesday october 5, 8pm–10pm
yom kipur break fast🍴

sunday october 9
4pm: sukkah building🍋🌴
6–10pm: candles & sukkos dinner

meet the collective🦖🕶

hugh is an anarchist cis gay goy from france via london, who discovered the café through one of our events and instantly fell in love with the food, ethos and décor

his current projects include improving both his bagel game and his yiddish, whilst working on his ultimate secret mission of increasing the amount of french-language music on the café playlist.

CN: eye contact selfies

meet more of the collective 🌱

ru believes that anarchism is urgently needed, and that non-hierarchical groups of people can achieve important and beautiful things that the state & capitalism will not. she is queer, writes stuff, and is good at making bagel toppings look real pretty. pink peacock is a healing and joyful anti-fascist paradise of people that nourishes her, and for that she is thankful. <3

meet the collective✨😎

lilith "knarthoptol" riagiàn is a female/non-binary intersex woman, demisexual with ADHD, blood witch, and chaos & energy incarnate. at the café she bakes, cooks and believes that kindness is the base level of how we should treat each other and that the basic necessities of life should not cost money

see the rest of the collective here:

(we're behind in updating the website, so expect more introductions soon!)

✨ back in stock ✨

"police are toilets" and "erase her" posters by @polaripress

in the café and online
£15 suggested, down to £0

באַלד... ייִדיש זינגען, יעדער וואָך!! אָנהייבערס זענען אָנגעלייגט גאַסט! 6–8 אין אָוונט בײַ די קאַפֿע

introducing... yiddish singing, every week!! beginners welcome! 6–8pm at the café


wishing everyone observing a meaningful fast

remember that there is more than one way to fast, and if your physical or mental health would be endangered by a food/water fast, you're obligated to put your health first 💗

לשנה טובה 📯

may we enter the days of awe with clear heads and fresh perspective on how to fight for what we need in our lives, indiviually and collectively

and finally, eyes hanging in the bathroom:


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a pie chart of our income for this year...

all of our collective members are unpaid volunteers, and we are 100% funded by donations

for your elul tsdoke or your monthly mutual aid donation, consider giving us a bit of cash so we can keep it up? 💸

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🌸 לשנה טובֿה 🌸
מעג 5783 מאַכן די וועלט ייִנגער, גרינגער, שיינער, טײַער, פֿרײַער, מיט נישט קיינען קרוין און נישט קיין מײַסטער!

🌸 happy new year 🌸
may 5783 make the world younger, easier, more beautiful, dearer, freer, with no crowns and no master!

food pic 

i was feeling sad so the @pinkpeacock'niks made me a happy face hot chocolate

he's beautiful and i love him

a pie chart of our income for this year...

all of our collective members are unpaid volunteers, and we are 100% funded by donations

for your elul tsdoke or your monthly mutual aid donation, consider giving us a bit of cash so we can keep it up? 💸

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אַ דאַנק פֿאַר אַבאָנירט אונדז און אונדזער קליינע קאַפֿע 💗

thank you for following us and our little café 💗

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קילע זאַכן וואָס מיר האָבן פֿאַרקויפֿט/אוועקגעגעבן/אויסגעטיילט אין 5782 😎

cool stuff we sold/gave away/distributed in 5782 😎

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UPDATE: sadly we have to cancel the online portion of our rosh hashana/birthday party. if you booked an online ticket, check your email about how to get a refund

BUT we're still having our in-person party! there will be food & singing & comradery, and we can't think of a better way to start the new year

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