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Internationale Woche der solidarität mit anarchistischen Gefangenen I Im Interview der Solikreis von Juan und Alfredo aus Italien: Briefe schreiben, Kohle sammeln, darüber reden. betroffen sind wenige, gemeint sind wir alle! Niemand soll alleine sein…

Join us, Toby, and others, remote or in-person for this inside-outside solidarity 5K. Proceeds benefit political prisoners, prisoners of war, and the work of MXGM Philly. Let’s run/walk/roll/cheer until every cage is empty!

Register at: Don’t miss out! Deadline is end of today!


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We recently visited Toby and had great talks about the two-way street of international solidarity. Toby is participating in RDTW in solidarity with the 17 prisoners supported by the Warchest, and we will strengthen our support for Toby and other overseas.


Since 1999, has taken place inside numerous prisons across the so-called US and Canada. Across the Atlantic bridge, prisoner Toby Shone is kicking off the first RDTW from inside a UK prison.

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Today is the last day to register for Philly !
–> Don’t miss this meaningful 5K to raise funds and support for MXGM Philly and 17 .

Running is not required! We welcome all forms of participation, remote or in-person.

Register at:

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Join us at the Anarchy Fair to sign #BlackAugust cards for Black liberation #PoliticalPrisoners & for PPs with bdays in September: Leonard Peltier & Dan Baker.

Registration deadline for #RunningDownTheWalls is tomorrow! Don’t miss out! Register today at

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The A-Fund need your support to still help comrades around the world. In a world where capitalism act globally, our solidarity with our comrades fighting against any kind of oppression and authoritarianism should be also global. Donate:

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#Tbilisi, 28/08: lecture about prison and letter writing to prisoners - We will write letters together.
The lecture part will discuss the legitimacy of the penitentiary system and the persecution of dissenters.
#WOSWAP2022 #solidarity_week

Join us at the Anarchy Fair this weekend to sign cards for Black liberation , and cards for political prisoners with birthdays in September: Leonard Peltier (the 12th) and Dan Baker (the 17th).

Registration deadline for is tomorrow! Don’t miss out! Register today at

The fight to does not stop until he is home, because . This year’s event is an extension of the 2021 .

Join us at 2pm after the run/walk/roll for an extremely important meeting on Mumia’s October 19th court date!


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Only 2 days left to register for 2022.
–> Deadline is end of day tomorrow!

For 23 years we’ve been inside and outside prisons. Join us again for this meaningful 5K to support and MXGM Philly.

Register now!

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Bima Satria Putra ist ein anarchistischer Gefährte aus Indonesien, der wegen Überführung von 15 kg Marihuana zu 15 Jahren Knast verurteilt wurde. Er schreibt gerade an einem Memoir über seine Erfahrungen während des Prozesses und im Knast.

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(Listado de presos anarquistas )

Hasta que todos sean libres

Semana Internacional de Solidaridad con los Presos Anarquistas

(Lista de prisioneros

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For a world beyond wage slavery.
For a world without cages.
For a world where all are free.

Support the Craigavon 2 as they continue to challenge the state and the spooks. Free John-Paul and Brendan now!

#JFTC2 #woswap2022

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Veranstaltung in Wien im Rahmen der Internationalen Woche der Solidarität mit anarchistischen Gefangenen! #anarchist #prisoners #Solidarity
mehr infos:

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Poland, solidarity action with imprisoned anarchists. Kropla Drąży Skałę (A Drop Drives a Rock) Colletive 🏴

#woswap2022 #solidarity #prison #abolition #anarchists

In lieu of our normal letter-writing this month, come join us at the Anarchy Fair this weekend where we will have cards to send to Black liberation movement , and to political prisoners with birthdays in September: Leonard Peltier (the 12th) and Dan Baker (the 17th).

Only 3 days left to register for .

If you haven’t signed up yet, please do it today at:

Remember that running is not required, and that your solidarity goes a long way in providing material and financial prisoner support. Current and former prisoners are doing this run/walk/roll/cheer with us! Let’s empty the cages!

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