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Happy birthday !

On July 3, 1982, Mumia Abu-Jamal was sentenced to death by a racist system. Join the fight to free him!

For details about events taking place for Mumia on his birthday, go to

We can't stop, won't stop, until he is free!

Join us Monday April 25th, 6:30pm on Jitsi. We’ll be writing letters to Chicano-Mexicano and anarchist Xinachtli!

We also encourage sending birthday greetings to Xinachtli and another PP with a birthday in May: Kojo Bomani Sababu

In lieu of our normal letter-writing event this month, next Monday we’ll be with the family of former political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz () at the Sampa the Great show. Join us for 🔥 music in support of .

Buy tickets at If you can't attend consider donating via cash app ($RussellShoatz) so he can purchase tickets to distribute to the youth!

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Reportback from the 26th annual International Day Against Police Brutality: Everyone in Montreal Still Hates the Police


Denver, CO — On March 18th, a jury acquitted Eric King on the count of “assaulting” an officer. CLDC is overjoyed at the return of a not guilty verdict from the jury.

Read more at:

If you are not in Denver and want to listen to Eric King's trial, see info at

Starts at 8:30am MST. The public access telephone number is 877-336-1828 and enter access code 9449909#

Doug Wright of the will soon be entering a halfway house. Doug was entrapped in the government crack-down on and anti-capitalist ideas. He needs our support after spending a decade in prison. Please donate to his release fund!!

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Join us Monday February 28th, 6:30pm on Jitsi. We’ll be writing letters to Veronza Bowers!

We're also sending cards to prisoners with birthdays in March: Joy Powell (the 5th), Andy Mickel (the 13th), and Ruchell Magee (the 17th).

TODAY - 6:30PM:
Philly ABC letter-writing event for prisoner Toby Shone!

Join us on Jitsi at:

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BTW, Rogan isn't just problematic b/c of his love of baseless COVID conspiracies. Here's a list 74 white supremacists drew up of the 24 far-right influencers who drew them into white supremacy. 25% of those influencers have been guests on Rogan's podcast; many on several times.

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Dear comrades, friends and supporters. We are once again running out of money. The last 20 000 euro we raised was gone within couple of months. We need you, your family, friends and dogs to donate to ABC-Belarus!

Join us Monday January 31st, 6:30pm on Jitsi. We’ll be writing letters to prisoner Toby Shone.

We also encourage sending birthday greetings to with birthdays in February: Veronza Bowers, Kamau Sadiki, and Oso Blanco.

Stand with Indigenous prisoners!!

Call and email from 9-5 PST and demand that BOP staff immediately provide materials to rebuild the sweat lodge they destroyed, and stop violating the religious practices of Indigenous prisoners at USP Victorville.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day to mail tax-deductible donations to the ABCF in support of . Checks must have arrived to Philly ABC, PO Box 8643, Philadelphia, PA 19143 no later than Monday, December 27th for a 2021 tax year write off.

Check out for more info on what all these funds go to and thank you for supporting pps this year!

We send our deepest condolences and support to the Shoatz family through this difficult time.

Russell Maroon Shoatz. You were a freedom fighter, mentor, and inspiration to us all. We will always remember you, and continue the fight in your honor.

All out tomorrow for !

1pm @ Octavius V. Catto Statue on the south side of Philadelphia City Hall.

In lieu of our monthly event, we will be joining Donna Willmott, Jaan Laaman, and Orion Meadows for a holiday card-writing to !

Monday, Dec 13th
4pm PT / 7 ET on Zoom

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