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On September 27, 1973 Kuwasi Balagoon escaped from a New Jersey prison shortly after being convicted of armed robbery. In 1983, Balagoon stood trial for robbing two separate armored trucks, as well as the deaths of two cops and a rent-a-cop. He defended himself at trial. You can read his final sentencing statement in our book Defiance: Anarchist Statements Before Judge and Jury.

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TODAY - 6:30PM:
Join Philly ABC at Clark Park to mail printed copies of our reportback to over 30 . We'll also be signing cards for PPs with birthdays in October: Jamil Al-Amin, David Gilbert, and Malik Bey.

Our 2021 reportback is out! Together we raised a total of $10,505 for and 18 other supported by the ABCF Warchest program.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out, remotely or in person!

With heavy hearts we share that Chuck Africa, former and long-time friend and comrade of Philly ABC, joined the ancestors in the early morning hours on September 20th after a long struggle with cancer that began in prison 4 years ago. He will forever be remembered as someone who loved with all his might, and we will keep fighting in his honor.

CurbFest for TODAY!! Meet at Tubman park - 3pm-8pm!

Come out to connect with organizers, community members, local DJs, performers and artists to raise awareness of political prisoners and prisoners of war, and the movement to free them. Party with a purpose, and make a donation to the artists and organizers at: $curbfest (cash app), (paypal), or

The 18ft Mumia puppet draws attention to Mumia's case and the urgency of his situation wherever it goes.
It brings understanding, love, compassion, and strength. This project needs your support and funding to continue. Please make a donation here:


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And let's not forget the Mumia Puppet project that is also in need of your support. The awesome Mumia puppet participated in with us!


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Support this music event spotlighting political prisoners and honoring those who have been captured by the state! Check out the website and donate to $curbfest (cash app) or


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CurbFest connects organizers with community members to raise awareness of political prisoners and share ways to get involved. It features local DJs, performers and artists. It's taking place tomorrow in Germantown with 9 curb locations near Germantown & Chelten Avenues.


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If you've already made a contribution to , then we encourage you to instead make a donation TODAY for CurbFest.


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If you just want to donate to in general, and don't care about a shirt, you can contribute any amount you want here:


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reportback is coming soon, but you can still donate in the meantime!

We have a few extra shirts in XS, S, L, XL, & XXL. DM us to buy one, and your contribution will be included in the disbursements to and the Warchest fund.

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Come hang out at Philly CurbFest for on Sept. 18th 2021!

CurbFest is a music event spotlighting and honoring freedom fighters held captive by the state.

Check out the website ( & donate at $curbfest (cashapp) or

And let's not forget Oso Blanco, Bill Dunne, Sekou Kambui, Hanif Shabazz Bey, Xinachtli, Kojo Bomani Sababu, and the other who have participated and/or written solidarity statements over the years.


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Politicized and prison rebels are running with us:
Jerome Coffey - SCI Pine Grove
Hector "Pica" Huertas - SCI Pine Grove
Paul Kali Hickman – Vaughn
Jacob Busic - Halifax Correctional Unit
10 at SCI Phoenix including Vaughn 17 prisoners


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is held on 's ( birthday and we hold him in our hearts and thoughts as we work to free him and all prisoners & abolish the carceral system.

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We're excited to see over 200 people join us to support & 18 other PPs who receive monthly stipends from the Warchest. If you haven't yet contributed to , donate at:

Photo: Former political prisoner Jaan Laaman.

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Catch us tabling zines tomorrow at @phillyabc Running Down The Walls in FDR Park.

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