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Phone zap for Eric King- Thursday/Friday 8.19- 8.20!

Let’s End Eric’s Mail Ban!

Eric King is a 35-yr-old who is severely singled out by the federal Bureau of Prisons for abusive & illegal treatment. He has been in solitary for 1,000 days with all contact to the outside cut off or severely restricted. He cannot receive/send mail, make phone calls, or get visits except for very limited contact with his attorney, mother, and wife. Eric NEEDS our help now.

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..."We can only rise in higher thought or higher education, or we can fall into a deep and dark self-pity.

I look at RDTWs and I gain strength. Some good people are still out there who really believe in political prisoners' freedom. So our actions will have lasting power to change the wrongs of colonialism and its work of genocide to rob more land from native nations. RDTW gives me hope and power.

Since you all never give up, I'll never give up!

Oso Blanco"


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"Brothers and Sisters:

I encourage Running Down the Walls, September 12th, nationwide.

The crimes against native people have gone 100% unpunished for over 500 years-- since 1492. Yet we who fight by any means for justice have been shot, dog mauled, beat, gassed, tortured, held in solitary for years. We have had our mail stolen 1000s and 1000s of times. We have been held in these cement coffins separate from our children, wives, native nations, husbands, partners, and elders"...


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Check out the 2021 solidarity statement from Indigenous Oso Blanco!

The registration deadline is less than 2 weeks away. Don't wait until the last minute and risk missing out. Register now for the at:

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It's less than 2 weeks from the registration deadline for !

Don't miss out on the to , and raise funds for 18 other PPs. Register today at:

Remember, running is not required. You can walk, bike, roll, etc!

Don't miss the at . Register now at:

Mumia's freedom is essential. We MUST bring him home. Learn more about why in this video:

It’s less than 3 weeks away from the registration deadline (Aug 27) for this year’s 5K to support and 18 other .

Don’t wait until the last minute! Register today and to

We are excited to announce that Robert King and Albert Woodfox of the have registered for ! They are coming to Philadelphia for the .

We hope that you too will join us, because after nearly 40 years in prison, it's still life or death for Mumia. It's imperative that we bring him home, and it's going to take all of us coming together to make that happen. Don't wait until the deadline! Register now to secure your place at the event!

Repost from (IG: herbandtemple) to amplify Mumia Abu-Jamal's voice in . This month we study & train to further fight for freedom year-round. Follow Herb & Temple for revolutionary wellness and more. If you haven't started training yet for now is the time.

..."They all send in money, and this money is then distributed every month to those political prisoners and prisoners of war who receive the least financial support. The more money that we get in, the more money we’re able to send out every month."

February 1997 Interview with NJ-ABC


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..."The way our organization works is we try and find out, to the best of our knowledge, who’s a political prisoner and which one needs the most support. One of the most successful programs of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF) is the Warchest Program. What that does is it collects money from the different groups in the federation, and different supporting individuals [and groups]."...


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..."Not just to know about him, but try and help out, to help build a movement that can free him. And believe me, if that is successful, it’ll create the conditions where it’ll become a lot easier to free many other political prisoners. It’ll create the conditions to build a movement where the freeing of political prisoners is likely, where it’s easier to obtain. The way we’ve gone about supporting political prisoners isn’t so much where we found out who was doing this or that."...


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MR&R: "As far as political prisoners, who would you say- not that anyone is any more important than any other- who would you say the main political prisoner that you would like to inform people of?"

NEIL: "Well, because Mumia’s [Mumia Abu-Jamal] case is so detrimental right now, he’s facing life or death, I would encourage everyone to find out about him and how they can actually get involved and help."...


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Black August is here and will arrive before you know it. Please register sooner than later to take part in this solidarity 5K to and raise funds for .

Check out this excerpt from a 1997 interview with NJ-ABC on the urgency to free Mumia and the ABCF Warchest program.

Now 24 years later, it's still life or death for Mumia. Let this be the year we bring him home. Register now to at Running Down The Walls!

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Join us Monday. July 26th, 6:30pm at Clark park. We’ll be writing letters to long-time civil rights activist, Black revolutionary, and Ronald Reed!

We're also signing cards to political prisoners with birthdays in August: Eric King (the 2nd), Bill Dunne (the 3rd), Hanif Bey (the 6th), Mutulu Shakur (the 8th), and Russell Maroon Shoatz (the 23rd).

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UPDATE: Last year's Philly had remote participants from 11 states and DC! To accommodate them again, the new registration deadline is Aug 27th to ensure their shirts arrive on time.

All the more reason to not wait! Register ASAP at:

This year marks 40 years that Mumia has been in prison. Due to multiple health issues from medical neglect, he needs our support now more than ever. We look forward to seeing you there on Sept. 12, 2021.

2) Register and participate in this year's 5K. Proceeds go to support Mumia's freedom struggle, and to the Warchest fund that sends monthly stipends to 17 other political prisoners.

Register now to secure your place at the event!


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A little precipitation wasn't going to stop a mobilization for Mumia!

The struggle to continues rain or shine, and the next steps are:

1) Join the call-in action today to demand Mumia's immediate release!

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Registration is open for this year's 5K run/walk/roll for

Funds go to support and sending monthly stipends to 17 other political prisoners.

Secure your place at the event. Register now!

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