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Joining the and day of action today, Philly ABC extends solidarity to the people of Palestine in their struggle for liberation. We urge support for organizations on the front lines of defending people from imprisonment – Addameer and Samidoun, as well as including Ahmad Sa’adat, Layan Kayed, Khalida Jarrar, Khitam Saafin, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, and Dr. Issam Hijjawi Bassalat.

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Detroit will be having a noise demo on June 11th, how about you? Tag us in your publicly promoted events!

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A rebroadcast of Yousef Natsha on his film, "Hebron", and life under Israeli settler colonial violence + Scott Branson, Kai Rajalas
& E Ornelas discuss "No Blank Slates: A Discussion of Utopia, Queer Identity, and Settler Colonialism”

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"During his detention, he was tortured by the police. He was left with a 4 cm deep open wound on his head, a bruised shoulder, arm and knee." - : The case of Johan Moreno, Human Rights defender tortured by the Police - >

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A call for support and solidarity from Yaqui political prisoner Fidencio Aldama, serving a 15+ year sentence for pipeline resistance. Find more info at and @FidencioLibre


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All out for the family again tomorrow. In loving memory of the 11 lives stolen from the police bombing of their house in 1985.

12-4PM at Cobbs Creek Recreation Center (280 Cobbs Creek Pkwy)

All out for MOVE on Thursday, May 13th - a day of remembrance to honor the 11 lives lost when Philly police dropped a bomb on the MOVE house in 1985.

5 pm @ Osage Ave. & Cobbs Creek Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA

MOVE Speakers.
March to Malcolm X Park
Community Altar
Oral History Station

Join us Monday April 26th, 6:30pm at Clark Park! We’ll be writing letters to former Black Panther, , and internationally recognized journalist known as “the voice of the voiceless" -.

We will also send birthday cards to political prisoners with birthdays in May: Xinachtli (the 12th), Kojo Bomani Sababu (the 27th), and Doug Wright (the 30th).

Join us Wednesday March 31st, 6:30pm on Jitsi (link will be shared the day of). We’ll be writing letters to self-defense Fran Thompson!

We'll also encourage sending birthday cards to Mumia Abu-Jamal!

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Anarchists in London calling for an autonomous day of action against the state on March 6th.

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#OnionShare 2.3 just got release.

The new version will not only easily allow you to share/receive files or host a webpage as a Tor hidden service, it now also enables you to host your own anonymous chat.

OnionShare 1.3.2 is installed by default in #Tails. The new version will be available for Tails, as soon as it hits Debian stable.

Shout out to @micahflee for the great work.

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YPG veteran & anti-fascist Dan Baker is in jail b/c the FBI has railroaded him w/ terror charges b/c of facebook posts. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has sent something to make sure he's OK & lands back on his feet when he beats the BS case against him.
Full story & how to send him some support:

Make sure the Defence Fund is there for antifa in emergencies:

TODAY - 6:30PM:
Philly ABC letter-writing event for Doug Wright!

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 3681 9350 93

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A member from Perilous Chronicle
spoke about the project & their November report on prisoner resistance in the so-called US & Canada during the first 90 days of the covid-19 pandemic. Work stoppages, protests, hunger strikes, riots & escapes!


Join us Monday February 22nd, 6:30pm on Jitsi (link will be shared the day of). We’ll be writing letters to Doug Wright from the case of the - link in bio!

We also encourage sending cards to political prisoners with March birthdays: Joy Powell, (the 5th), Andrew Mickel (the 13th), Ruchell Cinque Magee (the 17th), and Jaan Laaman (the 21st).

Emergency demo for !
Tomorrow, 11am at DA Larry Krasner's office.

That so-called "progressive" District Attorney has filed another legal brief denying Mumia Abu-Jamal the right to present new evidence that can exonerate him.

To all the leftists that campaigned for Krasner's election - this is on you. There is no such thing as a progressive DA, and that should go without saying.

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