Join us Wednesday March 31st, 6:30pm on Jitsi (link will be shared the day of). We’ll be writing letters to self-defense Fran Thompson!

We'll also encourage sending birthday cards to Mumia Abu-Jamal!

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Anarchists in London calling for an autonomous day of action against the state on March 6th.

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#OnionShare 2.3 just got release.

The new version will not only easily allow you to share/receive files or host a webpage as a Tor hidden service, it now also enables you to host your own anonymous chat.

OnionShare 1.3.2 is installed by default in #Tails. The new version will be available for Tails, as soon as it hits Debian stable.

Shout out to @micahflee for the great work.

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YPG veteran & anti-fascist Dan Baker is in jail b/c the FBI has railroaded him w/ terror charges b/c of facebook posts. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has sent something to make sure he's OK & lands back on his feet when he beats the BS case against him.
Full story & how to send him some support:

Make sure the Defence Fund is there for antifa in emergencies:

TODAY - 6:30PM:
Philly ABC letter-writing event for Doug Wright!

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 3681 9350 93

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A member from Perilous Chronicle
spoke about the project & their November report on prisoner resistance in the so-called US & Canada during the first 90 days of the covid-19 pandemic. Work stoppages, protests, hunger strikes, riots & escapes!


Join us Monday February 22nd, 6:30pm on Jitsi (link will be shared the day of). We’ll be writing letters to Doug Wright from the case of the - link in bio!

We also encourage sending cards to political prisoners with March birthdays: Joy Powell, (the 5th), Andrew Mickel (the 13th), Ruchell Cinque Magee (the 17th), and Jaan Laaman (the 21st).

Emergency demo for !
Tomorrow, 11am at DA Larry Krasner's office.

That so-called "progressive" District Attorney has filed another legal brief denying Mumia Abu-Jamal the right to present new evidence that can exonerate him.

To all the leftists that campaigned for Krasner's election - this is on you. There is no such thing as a progressive DA, and that should go without saying.

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Call Easterling Correction +1(334) 397 4471 in Clio, Alabama in support of prisoners there.

Prisoners are forced to be in confinement & are being routinely beaten for a crime they did not commit. Some inmates have demanded to speak to Warden John Crow or Warden Monica McCoy about their conditions but are being denied the access.

"Hello, I want to be transferred to Warden John Crow's office line to discuss the well-being of two inmates, (Brandon Oden & James Pratt) who are being silenced."

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A lot of new analysis of the summer's housing struggle. Check out for an interview, a timeline, and an article in the latest issue of Anathema.

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Eighteen years ago today an anti-war convergence of over 5,000 people took place in the Oakland neighborhood of , Pennsylvania.

Near the end of the permitted demonstration, a large black bloc formed and marched through the city in the middle of a blizzard, smashing the glass door of a military recruitment center.

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Обзор репрессий против анархистов и антифашистов Беларуси за 2020 год -

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Hundreds of people flooded streets last night after police ran over people during a sideshow. People set up barricades, broke windows, marched on the jail, and wrote graffiti slogans.

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Join @phillyabc tomorrow for a letter writing night to black liberation army prisoner Kamau Sadiki. 6:30pm on Jitsi

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