We’re excited to see over 200 people join us from inside and outside prison, to support MXGM Philly and 17 who receive monthly stipends from the ABCF Warchest. If you haven’t yet contributed to , donate at: tinyurl.com/donate-rdtw2022

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Since 1999, has taken place inside numerous prisons across the so-called US and Canada. Across the Atlantic bridge, prisoner Toby Shone is kicking off the first RDTW from inside a UK prison.


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Today is the last day to register for Philly !
–> Don’t miss this meaningful 5K to raise funds and support for MXGM Philly and 17 .

Running is not required! We welcome all forms of participation, remote or in-person.

Register at: phillyabc.org/rdtw

Join us at the Anarchy Fair this weekend to sign cards for Black liberation , and cards for political prisoners with birthdays in September: Leonard Peltier (the 12th) and Dan Baker (the 17th).

Registration deadline for is tomorrow! Don’t miss out! Register today at phillyabc.org/rdtw

Only 2 days left to register for 2022.
–> Deadline is end of day tomorrow!

For 23 years we’ve been inside and outside prisons. Join us again for this meaningful 5K to support and MXGM Philly.

Register now! phillyabc.org/rdtw

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In lieu of our normal letter-writing this month, come join us at the Anarchy Fair this weekend where we will have cards to send to Black liberation movement , and to political prisoners with birthdays in September: Leonard Peltier (the 12th) and Dan Baker (the 17th).

Only 3 days left to register for .

If you haven’t signed up yet, please do it today at: phillyabc.org/rdtw/

Remember that running is not required, and that your solidarity goes a long way in providing material and financial prisoner support. Current and former prisoners are doing this run/walk/roll/cheer with us! Let’s empty the cages!

events are happening all across the country on September 11th, 17th, and 18th that benefit the Warchest program.


The fund was first created in 1994, and events have been happening both inside and outside prisons since 1999.

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registration deadline is this week. Don’t miss out! Register ASAP at: phillyabc.org/rdtw

Last year was the to . He is still in prison after 40 years. He still needs your support now more than ever. It’s life or death.

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Last week to register for
–> Deadline is Friday!

Your participation in this meaningful 5K provides enormous support to 17 on the Warchest program, and to the work of MXGM Philly. Don’t miss out! Run/walk/roll/cheer with us until every cage is empty!

Register ASAP at: phillyabc.org/rdtw

Last week to register for
–> Deadline is next Friday!

Your solidarity goes a long way in providing financial and material support to 17 and supporting the work of MXGM Philly! Running is not required. You can walk, roll, skip, cheer, etc. All participation is welcome!

Register today at: phillyabc.org/rdtw

is coming soon! As of tomorrow the registration deadline is one week away.

Register ASAP at: phillyabc.org/rdtw

This is a continuation of last year's . Join us at 2pm after the run/walk/roll for an extremely important meeting on Mumia's upcoming court date!

Former of 36 years, Jaan Laaman, used to participate in from inside prison walls! Now he can participate from the outside!!

The importance of this inside-outside solidarity cannot be overstated. Don’t miss out! Register today at: phillyabc.org/rdtw

Jericho chairperson and former of 23 years, Jihad Abdulmumit, shares his perspective on how crucial your support is for !

It’s less than 2 weeks from the registration deadline! Don’t miss out on this meaningful 5K run/walk/roll/cheer. Register today at: phillyabc.org/rdtw

Since 1999, prisoners and support organizations have participated in this annual 5K run/walk/roll to show solidarity and raise funds for numerous . Join us again this year, remote or in person!

Register before the deadline at: phillyabc.org/rdtw/

Less than 2 weeks from the registration deadline!! Your contribution to this family fun event provides a huge amount of support to numerous , and to local groups like the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

Register today to join us in this epic 5K run/walk/roll/cheer:

This year marks a milestone for the Warchest as we surpassed $205,000 in funds raised! In the last 4 years, Philly RDTW alone has raised $28,457 for current and former political prisoners. We need your help to do it again!

Register before the deadline: phillyabc.org/rdtw/


MXGM Philly is a Black/New Afrikan organization committed to protracted struggle for liberation and self-determination for their community. They are on the front lines of efforts to free Dr. Mutulu Shakur, a long-term and Warchest recipient. freethelandmxgm.org/philadelph


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Your contribution and participation in Philly supports the local chapter of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, and the ABCF Warchest that sends monthly stipends to numerous and Prisoners of War who have insufficient financial support.


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