We’re excited to see over 200 people join us from inside and outside prison, to support MXGM Philly and 17 who receive monthly stipends from the ABCF Warchest. If you haven’t yet contributed to , donate at: tinyurl.com/donate-rdtw2022

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We may be see some rain today, but the struggle continues rain or shine, and so does Running Down The Walls! Bring a rain/windbreaker jacket, dry pair of socks, umbrellas, etc. There will also be some canopy coverage and Ponchos if needed. Temperatures look to stay around 71 degrees.


is truly international, with prisoners on both sides of the Atlantic participating from:

SCI Pine Grove
SCI Chester
SCI Mahanoy
SCI Phoenix
SCI Huntingdon
SCI Frackville
Vaughn Correctional Center
Hailfax Correctional Center (VA)
HM Prison Parc (U.K.)



Of the prisoners participating this year is . Please stick around for an extremely important meeting at 2pm to mobilize for his October court date. It’s life or death for Mumia. This MUST be the year we bring him home.


And to see what this solidarity 5K means to our imprisoned freedom fighters, check out the many statements over the years by Oso Blanco, Bill Dunne, Sekou Kambui, Hanif Shabazz Bey, Xinachtli, Kojo Bomani Sababu and other PP/POWs.



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