It’s that time of the year! Join us on September 11th for another 5K for and Prisoners of War!

Proceeds will be split between the ABCF Warchest and MXGM Philly.

Registration is open now!

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is more than a 5K - it’s a day to amplify voices of comrades behind bars and lift them up in their struggles.

Over the last 4 years Philly RDTW raised $28,457 for current and former PP/POWs. Let’s do it again on September 11th!

Check last year’s epic event:


The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is network of Black/New Afrikan activists and organizers committed to their protracted struggle for liberation and self-determination – by any means necessary!


MXGM Philly is part of the Black Philly Radical Collective - a collective of Black organizations and individuals committed to ending the war against Black Philadelphians by organizing to permanently and holistically eliminate the state violence endangering the Black community.


As part of self-defense work, MXGM Philly is currently developing a Black survivalist network to provide members with training on survival of natural disasters and other threats to safety and well-being.


The ABCF Warchest sends monthly stipends to and Prisoners of War who have insufficient, little, or no financial support.

Since November 1994, the program has raised more than $205,000. See the current Warchest recipients at:



Running is not required! You can also walk, bike, skate, roll, cheer, etc.

If you can’t make it or want to make additional contributions, please sponsor a participant either outside or inside prison, or one of each. Contact us for more info on sponsoring!


It is imperative that we bring home every single freedom fighter captured by the state. Let no one be forgotten. Let no one fight alone. Together we will .

Register now for this meaningful 5K run/walk/roll on September 11th!


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