reportback is coming soon, but you can still donate in the meantime!

We have a few extra shirts in XS, S, L, XL, & XXL. DM us to buy one, and your contribution will be included in the disbursements to and the Warchest fund.

(thread 1/7)

If you just want to donate to in general, and don't care about a shirt, you can contribute any amount you want here:


If you've already made a contribution to , then we encourage you to instead make a donation TODAY for CurbFest.


CurbFest connects organizers with community members to raise awareness of political prisoners and share ways to get involved. It features local DJs, performers and artists. It's taking place tomorrow in Germantown with 9 curb locations near Germantown & Chelten Avenues.


Support this music event spotlighting political prisoners and honoring those who have been captured by the state! Check out the website and donate to $curbfest (cash app) or


And let's not forget the Mumia Puppet project that is also in need of your support. The awesome Mumia puppet participated in with us!


The 18ft Mumia puppet draws attention to Mumia's case and the urgency of his situation wherever it goes.
It brings understanding, love, compassion, and strength. This project needs your support and funding to continue. Please make a donation here:


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