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Running is not required. We welcome all forms of participation, and remember that current and former prisoners are doing this with us. See this 2021 statement from former Jaan Laaman.

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"Hey, all my Running Down The Walls folks. This is Jaan Laaman, calling for all of us, coast to coast and on both sides of prison walls, to get this 2021 RDTW run going!

I've been RDTWs for 20 years, but this will be my first run, NOT on a prison yard! We must all remember the many political prisoner sisters and brothers, running and walking (some in seg cells), with us on Sept. 12. And let's not forget the many conscious minded social prisoners who also join RDTW."...


..."Let me send a revolutionary salute to all ABC collectives and people, for organizing RDTW for over 20 years -- and also to all the other activist and revolutionary groups and people, who join and support RDTW.

Alright, all you young and not so young runners, running in prison yards and city streets, let's get to running -- RUNNING DOWN THE WALLS -- 2021!"

- Jaan Laaman


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