The VoIP provider we use at work is getting DDoS'd and has been fucked and barely functional for like, a week, and I know it's really bad that clients can't get a hold of us by phone but...I really love not having to answer the phone while I'm dispatching 🥺

Wow ok I don't usually let the youtube autoplay me things bc the algo on our work computer is fucking twisted from so many people using it but this is... sick? Also from Edmonton?

Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter

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Feels light the right soundtrack for this stupid morning, I'm tired and soaked, leaning into the discomfort.

Lebenden Toten - Mind Parasites

I have a task that I need to finish this evening that involves sitting down and doing a relatively minor amount of like, gut excavation (just thinking about what I want my involvement in a project to look like, really nothing wild) and I have gotten so many other non-thinking tasks knocked off my list while trying to swerve away from the thinking task lol

Its great too cause the person I make/eat food with the most often doesn't really like spicy or sour, and I really do, so its like the perfect equalizer for our shared meals.

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A few weeks ago I needed 1 scotch bonnet pepper for a curry but they only had a pack of like 10 I could buy, so I sliced the rest of them up along with an onion and a random sad chunk of cabbage, packed it in a glass jar and quick pickled it (1/2 white vinegar 1/2 water with a little salt and sugar, bring to a boil, pour into the jar with the veg, throw it in the fridge) it is absolutely the most perfect spicy crunchy condiment and I am so pleased with myself


....or sometimes they spend the last 100 pages getting extremely christian and then the bubonic plague comes and everyone dies??? That was easy lol

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I can't tell if its intentional but it feels like some authors are better than others at like, helping ease the reader with the transition? Like they make it a little boring at the end so you're ready to be done, or the characters age so it feels more OK and less premature

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Probably about to finish reading a really long book I've been working on for a bit. I've been thinking a lot the last few days about the really profound sense of loss that can come with finishing something that has been meaningful, or having to leave worlds or characters before you're ready

Death logistics 

Also there was nobody at the the reception when I got there so I had to wander through several funerals to find someone, it was weird.

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Just delivered to a funeral parlour called "Urgel-Bourgie" which is a hilarious name and will get stuck in my head all day.

How can we take the popular narrative "Welp that election was pointless" and transform it into "Yes, all elections are pointless!"

I just got myself some shorts that are made for MTB/enduro to wear for work and they are like, totally life-changing. They look pretty weird when you're just standing but turns out a garment that is designed to fit a body in bike position is REALLY comfy for that exact activity??

Cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, I feel like 10,000% more in control of my life. Been in such a work-stress vortex the last few days and I just wanna be home doing home stuff so bad :(

Always conflicted between hatred for cars as symbols of industry and civilization that greatly contribute to destroying our planet and my love for big trucks/vans/buses. Im still filled with awe at huge machines many times my size.

Wishing a very bad evening to the guy who tipped $5 on a $450 sushi delivery that came out at the last possible moment and forced me to stay on late after working a 9 hour shift

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