When I'm feeling sad or sick or worried and ppl ask how they can help me, my best answer is usually:

Cause good trouble while I can't. Decorate the town, be good to yr friends & neighbors, do that thing you've been wanting to, burn shit in minecraft. Revolt.

All the concern trolling over the estrogen thing is just concern for the cis control over children and their bodies, in effect to ensure social reproduction and the continuation of the ideal of the conservative nuclear family.

civilization has already collapsed. we walk among ruins and wayward souls

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My perspective is that all tendencies are reflections and techniques of current possible conditions, and so the multiplication and cross engagement/infection between all tendencies is more able to create pathways to a counter-logistics war machine that can break past reinvestment in the structure than any one coherent position.
This comes out of having been aligned with a spectrum of contradictory tendencies throughout my experience

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The tension between informal and formal anarchisms are resolved by small participation in material support groups that are tendency neutral (such as @ black cross) to facilitate material investment in efforts that help power multiply, that build conditions for actions.
Seeing both as being necessary co-structuring forces, as kinds of techniques, while grounding in mutual support is a way I see to create space for needed conflictual overcoming- That doesn't just drain everyone.

Chase Banks attacked throughout Portland in solidarity with
Submitted anonymously to pugetsoundanarchists.org

In the early hours of Saturday, February 6th on occupied Chinook land known as “Portland”, Chase banks throughout the city were attacked in solidarity with the fight against the Line 3 Pipeline expansion, a project being funded by Chase.


"Swarming prioritizes horizontal communication across fighting units in order to maximize their independent decision-making power. ...Swarming uses open-access topsight to enable small autonomous units to act as a common force toward shared objectives..."


Queer respectability politics is a virus

Having weird dumpster sex is the cure

why is it always gun girl and never crowbar and bolt cutters girl?

dengists are neocons hope this helps

Some comrades and I made these maps of the Free Speech Cage and high-risk kettle areas in the surrounding area of downtown Minneapolis for the upcoming .

A google map we'll be updating as conditions change can be found at bit.ly/DontGetCagedMPLS

We also made a more detailed map showing the entry/exit gates and more details of the caged area. Of particular note: there are only 4 small entry/exit gates for the public. Huge stampede/crush risk. Don't use protest cages.

Super happy to reconnect with the writings of AG Schwartz this time in audio form thanks to the folks at Resonance Audio.


on the one hand I find it amusing when transphobes go mask off like this and reveal that they have a deep terror of a demographic that is mostly only a threat to themselves, but on the other it's a worthwhile hyperstition and I hope trans women will one day become the bloodthirsty terrorists-to-be of cuckservatives' nightmares

Succubus [MT] 

One of Deleuze's points that is easily overlooked is that thought must constitute itself by means of forces. It can be philosophical - how can one think without reading those philosophers? Or it can be non-philosophical - allowing culture to "do violence to thought". On the one hand, thought needs its externals in order to become a practical philosophy; on the other hand, thought is free by virtue of speed and deformation. A large part of the philosophy of poetry, or stuttering, comes from empiricism: "relations are external to relational terms". The intrinsic nature of the word "is" is replaced by the conjunction "and", thus allowing language to stutter. Deleuze finds the direction of the rhizome in Anglo-American literature: it "moves in the middle of things, establishing a logic of 'and' that subverts ontology, deprecates foundations, abolishes beginnings and endings." Thought accelerates and forms itself in various images, barbarian, masochist, stutterer, sodomite, egg ...... It acts like a Succubus: the Succubus does not reproduce, but acts as a third party, impregnating B with A's seed. It introduces the south wind in the north wind and the north wind in the south wind; it introduces the west in the east and the east in the west. Therefore, Deleuze can be called an external thinker. The external is not outside; it always operates in the middle.

The speed of thought and practice manifests itself in the form of resistance, which creates ruptures in governance and reconfigures the connections of the body. But this process also encounters repression. On the one hand, interiority and the subject are planned by traditional philosophy, which sees the outsider in the city-state as the enemy. From Trump and liberals to Chinese reactionaries, they have colluded to construct a totalitarian apparatus to suppress resistance, relying in large part on the myth of the "external enemy. The external enemy is not only a psychological construct, but also a philosophical plan for the subject. It reduces thought to narrow sectarian politics, subjectivity, bureaucracy, and old clichés in order to throw responsibility on society and make the public spontaneously socially responsible, and to create segregation in the form of walls. On the other hand, the totalizing technique known as accelerationism expands by leaps and bounds in times of catastrophe. The critical ontology pretends to occupy itself with the speed of thought, but forms a repressive machine; it gives a general war machine, but brings only cancerous bodies. Finally, these cancers are re-described as "external enemies". Yet it is easy to miss the point that accelerationism is a more difficult movement to understand. It leads both to the self-destruction of fascism and to the future utopia of the Bolsheviks. Criticism of Accelerationism is only comprehensive if it takes both movements into account.

Speed is crucial to contemporary struggles. The counterattack is necessarily fast, not waiting for the Messiah to come or the Last Judgment, as in traditional leftist politics. succubus: an evil passion. She frantically moves from place to place, impregnating the mind. In this respect, the debate on armed struggle is no longer important. The exploration of "weapons and ethics" actually severely compresses the tactical possibilities, because Succubus is not yet on the scene, and speed has not yet been developed. Speed is like the struggle of the black underclass in the United States: they use vehicles to create speed, which directly alters the space of reality - it smooths it out, and thus allows ideas to leap on top of it. A contemporary struggle does not dwell on the form of being armed, but understands Succubus tactically: bringing culture to guerrilla and guerrilla to culture. But she likewise does not limit herself to the guerrilla or to any political sect; it is a purveyor that multiplies power and action.

External thought is undoubtedly a rebellion against the Hegelian tradition. It makes a connection possible, rather than allowing the traditional political discourse to dominate the struggle. From one struggle to another, from one space to another, a flaming machine runs relentlessly.

"What memes are able to do is something that religion has exploited for thousands of years: Mold people into carriers of language viruses using symbolism and hyperstition."
via nihil.nyxus.xyz/posts/cyber-ni by @nyx

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