"It sounded so much better in my head."


Reading theory, especially anarchist theory, isn’t just about your own personal understanding, it’s also about sharing, teaching, synthesizing, and practicing what you learn. If you instead use theory to gatekeep and make it a prerequisite to conversation you’re a piece of shit and give theory a bad reputation.

Sorry Marxists, this is real life, the girls get the girls

I am once again reminding you that the Polynesian community has asked that you use the term “polyam” in lieu of “poly” when talking about polyamory.

@sewerslut@queer.party i spat my vegan taco out ROFL 🤣

cw caps/emoji use, vegan food, cannabis 

I LOVE MY WIFE omg we are eating, drinking, (and smoking!) well tonight.

The harms of gentrification
The exclusion of poorer people from their own neighbourhoods is not just a social problem but a philosophical one aeon.co/essays/how-does-philos

Hello to Fediverse newcomers, except for white supremacists; in that case you're not welcome. Delete your account and sit with what a horrid person you are.

A commissionned cross stitch !

Pattern by @succulentbud@twitter.com

I am available for your cross stitch commissions ! DM me for prices.

RTs appreciated.

So stoked for this!

Former Black Panthers, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and JoNina Abron-Ervin just launched their own podcast!


you have to accept that you're not special as in somehow better than others but also accept that you're special as in unique and deserving of love

Saying we shouldn't deplatform facists, is something we are not going to entertain.

Deplatform them, find where they hide, then deplatform them again.

Keep them on the run, and keep them from talking.

That is all...

If your new to this, don't come up with antiquated takes, that do more harm than they will ever do good. I suggest you find a local organizations to get better clarity of what to do, from seasoned leftists.

if you're white and you use the internet, you have a duty to ensure that the spaces you are in are not a safe space for white supremacists. no, "oh but I like this person and they've never done anything in MY group" -- listen to us. listen to what we have to say. report people to the mods or if it's an ongoing problem, *leave the fucking group and let people know why you're leaving*.

make mods explain their decisions. make it uncomfortable. make it weird.

it's the LEAST you can do.

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humanity's beauty is in its infinite diversity + gender nonconformity is one of our greatest gifts. it is beautiful to go against what is demanded and do what feels right. it is courageous to face a world that is unwelcoming, and demand it make room for you.

butches take up space but we do it by opening doors, theres room for all of us inside

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feel like pure shit just want winter to be over so I can order plants online without worrying about the cold

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