To be honest im being a bit dramatic cuz im hurt but getting off mastodon would probably be good for my eyesight

[sees more stupid opinions about who does and doesnt count as working class] its almost like all of american political/economic development is designed to deliberately confuse class relations and undermine class identity, with all 'working class' aesthetic signifiers inevitably subsumed, packaged and sold back to worker and boss as a commodity, and submitting to our wholly aesthetic politics will leave you completely unable to perceive the invisible underclass

Is it okay to be non monogamous and never go to any talks or read theory on it or anything. Genuine question am i royally fucking up in not getting this insight

Por favor basta de cumbia cheta se los suplico mΓ‘ndense un supermerka2

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You'd think when my neighbors blast music at a volume where i can hear it clearly, they would at least try and impress me with their music taste

I hate having so many chileans on ig because theyre always posting flyers for these sick events i cant go to for obvious reasons

Everyones always like "are you vegan" and im like imagine affording meat or cheese

Afternoon classes would be ideal if literally didnt have to do anything else all day, including studying

My annoying habit of answering "yes?" when im on the toilet and someone knocks

you know what, fuck it *uncrossings your animal*

*in the sweetest most lovingest caring adorable voice ever* omae wa mou shindeiru

people are out there cheeks spread in the middle of a field and yet the UFO goes someplace else

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