“…if the two decades since 9/11 should have taught us anything, it’s that the government can and will use fears of ‘terrorism’ to surveil, prosecute, and harass any number of people and communities—especially racial and religious minorities—no matter how specious their ties to terrorism actually are.” -NSM’s Lucy Steigerwald in The Daily Beast


“It’s obvious that rival governments, rival imperialist powers, would point out the hypocrisy of other imperialist powers that they are caught up in a zero sum conflict with.” -@corymassimino


“Liberty … is not a box into which people are forced. Liberty is a space in which people may live. It does not tell you how they will live. It says, eternally, only that we can.”
- , Anarchism Without Hyphens (1980)

Anti-Work: From “I Quit” to “We Revolt”


In fall 2021, word spread about a revolt against work sweeping the United States. How is workplace resistance changing alongside work itself, and what strategies are likely to work in these new conditions?

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is good in its place, as qualified & balanced by ; but the experience of the world shows clearly that individualism unbalanced by socialism, & socialism unbalanced by individualism, lead always to disastrous social & political crises.”
- William B. Greene

“Part of why liberalism in various shades looks silly to people is because it ignores a lot of the very real aspects of domination & conflict that is in social life. That’s why you often see liberalism & radicalism expressed as antonyms.” -Jason Lee Byas

Happy Birthday

“I believe that government is one of the worst forms of modem oppression, is the source of war and economic oppression, and must be overthrown. means that we will have more democracy, social equality, and economic prosperity.”


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